Muste Notes

Summer 2004

Dear Friends
Nonviolence Trainers Build Capacity
Nancy Muste Baker, 1916 - 2004
David Dellinger, 1915 - 2004
Vanunu Free at Last
Zinn Film Hits Theaters
New Grants, April 2004

Spring 2004

Dear Friends
Nonviolence Against the Wall
Grantee Profile: Mas'ha Peace Camp
Gush Against the Wall
New Grants, December 2003

Winter 2004

Dear Friends
United for Peace and Justice
Institute Screens Zinn Documentary
Institute Welcomes New Board Members
Update on Funded Projects
New Grants, Sept. - Oct. 2003

Fall 2003

Dear Friends
NYC Student Designs Peace Banner
New Developments—Update on Funded Projects
NYC Screening of Howard Zinn Documentary
New Grants, Jun. - Jul. 2003

Summer 2003

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Free the Slaves by Lloyd Earl Sutton
New Sponsored Projects
New Grants, Feb. - May 2003

Spring 2003

Dear Friends
The World Says No to War
New Board Member
Grantee Profile: Lawyers Defend Immigrants and Dissenters
Banners for Peace
New Grants, Dec. 2002 - Jan. 2003

Winter 2003

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Picnics for Peace
John M. Muste, 1927-2002
New Grants, Sep-Oct 2002

Fall 2002

Dear Friends
Stand Up, Remember, Resist
Grantee Profile: Risking Peace in Colombia
Take Action for Peace in Colombia
New Grants, June 2002

Spring / Summer 2002

Dear Friends
Just When His Wisdom Is Most Needed
April 20th “Stop the War” Photo
Confronting the “War of Terror”
New Grants, April-May 2002

Winter 2002

Dear Friends
Diane Tosh Named Acting Executive Director
Peace Movement Swells in Israel
Something is Moving
Sara Bilezikian, 1978-2002
New Grants, December 2001-February 2002