Muste Notes

Summer 2009

Dear Friends
Rainforest Activist Visits New York
Co-Directors Head Dedicated Team
New Grant: Gush Shalom Confronts Occupation
Social Justice Grant Program Restored
Travel Grants Boost Indigenous Women’s Summit
Counter-Recruitment Grants, April 2009

Spring 2009

Dear Friends
Defending Indigenous Rights
Nonviolence in Palestine
A Luminous Activist: Karl Bissinger (1914-2008)
New Grants, December 2008
Counter-Recruitment Grants, December 2008
NOVA Fund 2008 Grants
New Travel Grants

Winter 2009

Transitions at the Muste Institute
Activists Unite Against Militarization
Dear Friends
Counter-Recruitment Grants, October 2008
New Grants, October 2008
NOVA Travel Grants, August and October 2008

Fall 2008

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: The Olneyville Neighborhood Association
Counter Recruitment Grants, June 2008
Muste Building Honored
Nonviolence Training Grants, July 2007-June 2008
New Grants, June 2008
NOVA Travel Grants, June 2008

Summer 2008

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Veterans Speak Out in NY Schools
What's Happening with the Building
New Grants, April 2008
Counter Recruitment Grants, April 2008
NOVA Travel Grants, Feb. & Apr. 2008

Spring 2008

Dear Friends
The Cost of Empire
Memories of Ralph: 1914-2008
New Freeman Intern
Counter Recruitment Grants, December 2007
New Grants, December 2007
NOVA Fund Grants 2007
NOVA Travel Grants, Oct. & Dec. 2007

Winter 2008

Dear Friends
VAMOS Unidos Organizes Bronx Street Vendors
A.J. Muste and J. Edgar Hoover
New Grants, September 2007
Counter Recruitment Grants, September 2007
NOVA Travel Grants, August 2007

Fall 2007

Dear Friends
Defending Communities Against Dams
The Future of the Muste Building
New Counter-Recruitment Fund Grants, June 2007
New Grants, June 2007
Oaxaca Resurgence
Travel Fund Takes Off
New Nonviolence Training Grants

Summer 2007

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Counter-Recruitment in Hawaii
Counter-Recruitment Grants, April 2007
Lamar Hoover, 1922 - 2007
New Grants, April 2007

Spring 2007

Dear Friends
New Developments: Update on Projects Funded by Muste Institute
AJ, Kennedy and King: Quebec to Guantanamo Walk
New Grants, December 2006 - February 2007
NOVA Fund Grants 2006
Counter Recruitment Fund Grants