Muste Notes

Fall 2019

Dear Friends: A few weeks ago, 16-year-old Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg got in an emission-free racing yacht and sailed across the Atlantic...
2019 Grants: Social Justice Fund
On the Set of “Skin”
Welcome: The Muste Institute is pleased to welcome three new members to its board of directors.
2018 Financials: What You Helped Support

Summer 2017

Friends: We’re proud to welcome three new board members to the Muste Institute...
Farmworkers March for Milk with Dignity
Kansas City Cold
Camping Out for Tenant Rights
Free at Last!
Nat Hentoff, 1925-2017
Where Your Money Goes – Year Ending June 30, 2016

Spring 2017

Friends: We face overwhelming challenges...
Sharing Space, Building Power
Fighting Back Against Police Profiling
Challenging Racism in School
¡Berta Vive!
Michael Ratner, 1943-2016

Winter 2016

Dear Friends: Welcoming 2016 with expanded grants, a new home, great people...
“Despair Is Not an Option” for Palestine/Israel
Bernice Lanning: In Fond Memory
Promoting Grassroots Radio
Where Your Money Goes

Fall 2015

Dear Friends: We received an inspiring batch of grant proposals...
Free Oscar López Rivera!
Painting Peace
No Militarized Police
Youth Speak Out: Stop Deportation!
Indigenous Costa Ricans Defend Land
Empowering Young Immigrants
Juanita Nelson, 1923-2015
Judith Malina, 1926-2015
George Houser, 1916-2015
Julian Bond, 1940-2015
Author: A.J. is “American Gandhi”

Spring 2015

Dear Friends: Spring always feels like movement...
Reclaiming MLK Day
Internships “Honor the Person Doing the Work”
A Steadfast Resister: Albon Man, 1919-2014
New York to Ferguson
Colombia: Resisting Impunity
Where Your Money Goes

Fall 2014

Dear Friends: Thank you for welcoming me so warmly...
No Nukes! Banner Demands Indian Point Shutdown
Strengthening Nonviolence in Latin America
Palestine-Israel Journal: A Ray of Hope
Defending the Earth Against Radioactive Waste
Marj Swann: A Lifetime of Inspiration
Creative Nonviolence at the Left Forum
Highlighting Prison Resistance
Building Pan-African Nonviolence
Organizing Against Land Theft in Africa
Engaging in Dialogue on Racism

Fall 2013

Dear Friends: One of our former tenants...
Honoring the Earth: the Two Row Wampum Campaign
Training for Freedom at Lhakar Academy
Nonviolence Training Needs Your Support
Fighting Impunity: Friends of Co-Madres
Social Justice Fund Grants, December 2012 - June 2013

Winter 2013

Dear Friends: We deeply appreciate your gifts...
Building Community Power, Fighting Deportation
Justice for Bedouin Refugees
Sheltering the Movement
Social Justice Fund Grants, September 2012