Past Grants

Grant Year: 2021

Former Student Organizer Engagement Project

Organization: Peace Action Fund of New York State (PAFNYS)
It is the tenth anniversary of PAFNYS’ Student Organizer Program, which began in 2011 with one campus chapter and now has 21 active chapters across the state. The Former Student Organizer Engagement Project will connect with alumni of the program in order to re-engage the participants in activism, to share their experiences with the current student organizers and community activists, and to provide pathways for the alumni to take on leadership and key roles in the peace and social justice movement.

Houseless Leadership Project

Organization: Fund for Empowerment
Houseless-led organizing for Phoenix with leadership trainings, meetings, demonstrations, media and other contributions such as rights restoration. We aim to decriminalize houselessness and also to stop enforcement of the urban camping law. We will also seek to have a voice in increasing city budgets. We are working on legal strategies but this would be for our houseless led organizing and trainings. We will speak at relevant city council meetings, at least biweekly generally, depending on the schedule. We will hold 6 protests and 24 feedings. We will restore the voting rights of 30+ persons.

Immigrants Are Essential

Organization: United Action Connecticut Inc.
Our program is to organize immigrants, both documented and undocumented in several Connecticut communities to take an active role in seeking immigration reform as well as finding relief for this population. UACT will identify leaders and then develop their organizing skills with the purpose of establishing pro-active groups in several communities. Eventually we will link these groups together with a common goal of advocating for a path to citizenship and asking the State of Connecticut for some form of financial relief.

PJSA PeaceCast

Organization: Peace and Justice Studies Association
We are applying for seed funds to develop a sustainable podcast in conjunction with Peace Chronicle, our association e-magazine; the podcast will explore the power of story to promote & explore social change, develop & nurture solidarity/collective empathy & address collective trauma often at the root of contemporary social justice issues. We intend to elevate the voices & tell the stories of grassroots BIPOC, LGBTQ+ & other marginalized grassroots activists to promote peacebuilding work in the activist community and the wider public. We see the podcast as catalyst for transformative change.

Professional Athletes, Coalition Building & Criminal Justice Reform

Organization: Athletes & Advocates for Social Justice in Sports
The proposed fellowship project will include (a) a scan of criminal justice and police reform strategies that professional athletes and athlete coalitions have engaged in, (b) the development, refinement, and pursuit of coalition-building strategies for athletes and athlete coalitions, and (c) the development and implementation of tools to evaluate the effectiveness of coalition building and outcome achievement in criminal justice and policing reform efforts.

Real Stories | College Homelessness

Organization: CoAct
Real Stories will be a virtual online art space to raise awareness and incite action towards college homelessness. The project will aim to address the misconceptions and lessen the effect of bias for those experiencing homelessness. Through the development of this online space and hosting public exibitions, we will use this as a vessel to celebrate the students experiencing homelessness and create a more informed public. Our project will aid CoAct in recruiting student champions and passionate community members to our steering committees to aid in creating impact.

Seeding Young Peacemakers

Organization: United for Peace & Justice (UFPJ)
We will put out a call to all member groups for possible participants, and select 3 possible participants per site, and conduct educational and organizing sessions online to support each group's plan to hold events based on issues that are pressing where they are.This leadership development process will centralize community building, anti-oppression, and conflict resolution, connecting peace issues to the local issues that affect their communities every day. UFPJ’s project will produce young leaders excited about the future, who see activism and organizing as a vehicle to build power.

Shifting Power Training Series

Organization: Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity (CORE)
We’re creating a follow-up training series to our wildly successful Racial Equity Fundamentals series. This new training series will be a part of our two-pronged approach to community organizing and will complement our Building Stronger Communities series. Our main focus is building a bottom-up, intersectional movement that shifts power to the people of Chatham County. We are an available resource for both community members to train as community organizers and to institutions seeking to adapt a racial equity lens within their organizations.

Shut Down ICE

Organization: The FANG Collective
The Shut Down ICE campaign arose in 2018 out of the need to take action against the growing presence of ICE in our communities. We have since targeted the institutions and ICE agreements that allow for the separation of families and terrorization of undocumented people at large. This grant will assist us in the utilization of direct action, public demonstration, and media campaigning to pressure counties in Massachusetts to end their IGSA and 287(g) agreements with ICE.

Training Rural Organizers to Build Power in the Timber Belt: a bilingual full-year program

Organization: Firelands Workers United Trabajadores Unidos
Firelands can only build working-class multiracial majority political power in SW WA, a region targeted by far-Right authoritarian movements, if we develop skilled, ambitious and joyous organizers across race, language, gender and work sectors. This year, we have a cohort of 15 Core Organizers and Organizers in Training committed to going through training and putting in the time to organize low-wage workers to engage in policy campaigns and in building community and political power. These leaders will receive weekly trainings, peer support, and weekly one-on-one mentorship from staff.

Truth in Recruitment, Military, and the Draft Interview Project

Organization: Santa Barbara Friends Meeting/Truth in Recruitment
The Truth in Recruitment, Military, and the Draft Interview Project will train youth in videography and interviewing techniques with the mentorship of professional filmmakers. Students will interview military veterans and conscientious objectors about their experiences, as well as prompting their peers for their opinions on mandatory draft registration, raising awareness on this issue. This project will give students new skills for social change advocacy by engaging them in intergenerational social justice work, while they also learn the basics of videography and oral history.

Grant Year: 2020

#FutureFirst Conversations Campaign

Organization: Beyond the Bomb
Campaign to bring nuclear issues to thousands of communities across the United States through peer to peer conversations, community discussions, and good, old fashioned door knocking.

Afirmando tus Derechos / Asserting your Rights

Organization: Voz Latina Broadcasting
This project is a "know your rights" initiative targeting the fast growing Latino community of Central Florida. Your support will allow us to launch a special initiative to ensure that newly arrived Latino immigrant and communities of color receive vital information in Spanish preparing them when coming in contact with the police and other authorities. We will produce video content and other public education materials which we will share widely through our radio broadcast and social media, reaching at least 50,000 people monthly through social media and air waves.

Buzz About Bees

Organization: Time’s Up!
Our program will organize beekeeping workshops that are free and open to the public. Through these workshops, participants will understand the essential role honeybees play through pollination and gain hands-on experience in beekeeping and urban gardening. Urban beekeeping is proven to lead to healthier bee colonies and can protect against the effects of colony collapse disorder. Organizing these workshops will also produce a community garden map showcasing the presence of bee colonies and beekeepers in Lower Manhattan. Including issues of food justice, this project will highlight the importance of community gardens and will, ultimately, make urban beekeeping more accessible.

Cairo Memory Project

Organization: Little Egypt Productions LLC
As a new initiative for Little Egypt Productions, “Cairo Memory Project” seeks to empower local youth in Cairo, IL, a post-industrial locale maligned by outsiders’ negative perceptions. We share the tools of media production and historical inquiry with Cairo High School students to create original content and raise both historical and contemporary social awareness. The program puts the tools and the impetus for media-making directly in the hands of Cairo youth through intensive workshops that not only offer technical training but also enable participants to connect with history through recording interviews with local individuals who directly participated in their hometown’s rich history of civil rights struggle, and some of whom are activists engaged in the community today.

Chesapeake Informal Workers Organizing Project

Organization: The United Covenant Union
The United Covenant Union is seeking general operating support to organize black, white and latinx women who are working cash jobs under egregious conditions on Maryland's eastern shore. In Chestertown, MD UCU members have formed a unit, Beloved Community Union Center, a multiracial organization of housekeepers that advocate for living wages by establishing collectively observed standards that all workers agree to and that all employers must comply with. In Crisfield, our members who are women of color, senior citizens and crab pickers who want to build a unit that advocates for living wages.

Copwatch College Online

Organization: WeCopwatch
Migrating Copwatch College onto an online learning system that will be free and accessible to anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart-phone, and can be utilized by individuals or groups interested in understanding more about their rights, and best practices when observing the police.

Court Watch

Organization: DecARcerate, Inc.
DecARcerate’s Court Watch program sends trained observers to monitor court proceedings. It gathers data on the use of court fees, fines, and bail to document who receives fees, fines, and bail, analyze the data, and educate and hold courts accountable for the inequitable imposition of monetary fees in the criminal injustice system. Court Watch also educates the public about the use and abuse of monetary penalties by publicizing the results of our analyses through mini-reports and quarterly community meetings. Our goal is to eliminate the unfair use of monetary penalties in the criminal injustice system.

Developing Movement Leaders through Political Education

Organization: Vermont Workers Center
We’re training a cohort of facilitators to lead Solidarity School - our two-day, introductory-level popular education course for members of the Vermont Workers’ Center and our labor and community allies. Solidarity School provides a baseline common framework, analysis, and skill set for building our movement and has application in a wide range of grassroots and community organizing. Over the last 12 years, over hundreds union and community leaders have graduated from this program.

Don't Kill for Me: Stories of Life Over Death Phase II: Voices of Florida

Organization: Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
Don't Kill for Me: Stories of Life Over Death has been highly effective in exposing the trauma the death penalty inflicts on our state. The time is right and the team is in place to reach a broader audience with these powerful voices through a phase two of the project. Through strategic communications funded by this grant, the centerpiece of which is a booklet featuring the powerful stories of speakers’ bureau members, FADP and our coalition allies will reach tens of thousands of Floridians, many of who will learn for the first time the devastation that the death penalty has caused.

Expansion of its Organizing Tool Kit

Organization: Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)
We will expand its organizing tool kit by sharing its extensive Cuba solidarity experience through webinars and an enhanced website.

Grassroots Organizing Program 2020

Organization: New Jersey Peace Action
Grassroots organizing program in NJ consisting of two components – parliamentary initiative “Back from the Brink” (flyer included) urging local elected official to support the adoption of the UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons modeled after NJ Assembly res 230 and a Voter Registration initiative on targeted college/university campuses in North Jersey.

Milk with Dignity

Organization: Migrant Justice
The Milk with Dignity program is bringing about a new day for human rights in the dairy industry. Migrant Justice organizes to win Milk with Dignity agreements with large dairy buyers, using the resources and market power of companies to improve labor and housing conditions on dairy farms. Companies pay a premium for milk from participating farms that agree to comply with standards in the Program’s Code of Conduct. Migrant Justice is currently seeking to expand the Milk with Dignity program through a campaign targeting Hannaford Supermarkets, a major buyer of dairy products throughout the northeast.

National JROTC Textbook Analysis Project

Organization: Project YANO
The National JROTC Textbook Analysis Project is an effort to update a similar project conducted by us 20 years ago. It would entail doing research to identify and obtain current materials, including textbooks, used in the JROTC programs of the four military branches. Volunteers would be recruited to review and analyze the content of the materials with the goal of discovering propagandistic patterns similar to what was discovered previously. The results would be distributed via self-publication, op-ed pieces, and circulation of information to the network of organizations working to demilitarize schools.

NC Stop Human Trafficking

Organization: NC Stop Human Trafficking
“A state free of human trafficking” is our vision and our mission is “Creating communities actively working to abolish human trafficking.” The first step to getting everyone working together is to educate them about the seriousness of the problem of human trafficking in our communities and our state. We provide free Human Trafficking 101 trainings throughout the state. We also facilitate the Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking and are working to help two other multi-county communities start their own Coalitions.

No Kids in Cages

Organization: Gente Unida
Through this funding, Gente Unida will provide advocacy for the immigrant community in the US/Mexico border. We will bring awareness of immigration issues and fight the negative narrative that exists against the immigrant community. Through Gente Unida’s podcast, speakers will be invited to highlight and provide educational background in regards to the needs of the immigrant community. Gente Unida will also provide advocacy at detention centers promoting “no kids in cages”, and strengthen our art program to provide healing and therapy to children who have been affected by immigration policies.

Point Hope: Alaska’s Youth Congress for the Global Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Organization: Veterans For Peace (Chapter 100)
With a focus on Arctic indigenous voices and Alaska’s own nuclear legacy, this project aims to create a network of young activists from nuclear-armed and nuclear-impacted states to promote the aims of nuclear disarmament and world peace. To launch the network, 40 high school students from Alaska and overseas will participate in a weeklong Youth Congress held in Sitka, Alaska from April 6-10, 2020.

Queer Liberation March

Organization: Reclaim Pride Coalition
The Queer Liberation March, hosted by the Reclaim Pride Coalition, is a truly grassroots, people’s political march – no corporate floats and no police – that mobilizes the LGBTQIA2+ community to address the many social and political battles that continue to be fought locally, nationally, and globally.

Wabanaki Sovereignty and Environmental Justice — Speaker Series

Organization: Sunlight Media Collective
This ongoing series of public talks about Environmental Protection & Wabanaki Tribal Sovereignty educates Maine community members about pressing environmental & Indigenous rights issues happening in their own backyard. Through education comes understanding and from understanding comes respect & solidarity. The experienced activists & historians speaking at these events will educate, inspire, and empower Mainers by providing them with ways to become directly & actively involved in local grassroots initiatives. This Speaker Series also provides Mainers with opportunities to talk directly with Wabanaki Tribal people who are leaders at the forefront of Maine environmental protection & social justice movements.

Youth Neighborhood Organizing Teams (YNOT)

Organization: Engage Miami Civic Fund
Youth Neighborhood Organizing Teams will organize and activate youth and millennials in Miami-Dade County neighborhood by neighborhood to build a more powerful and more connected community working for a just, democratic, and sustainable Miami.

Youth War Tax Resistance Focus Group

Organization: National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC)
Create three focus groups, each consisting of five young activists who would inform the creation of a 3 and 5-year Strategic Plan for NWTRCC outreach and growth. Participants would be activists under age 30, who are not active in the WTR movement but are active in other justice movements. This project would also instill in the participants greater respect for war tax resistance and anti-militarism.

Grant Year: 2019

2019 Student Peace Conference

Organization: Peace Action Fund of New York State (PAFNYS)
Funding for the 2019 Student Peace Conference. This will be the 4th student conference organized by PAFNYS and will bring together over one hundred students from more than 25 Peace Action student chapters across the state and region for organizational, media, and activist trainings.

Border Accompaniment - Agua Prieta

Organization: Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
“The risk has not gone down and migrants are still coming.” These words, from the staff of Centro de Atención al Migrante “Exodus” (CAME) in Agua Prieta, Mexico, came along with an accompaniment request for CAME staff and the migrants they serve.

Direct Action Tour

Organization: Sane Energy Project
Sane Energy Project will work with groups throughout New York State to plan and execute six meetings at which our You Are Here map will be used to help activists working at the grassroots to understand the scope of the aggressive fracked gas infrastructure buildout taking place throughout the state. We will offer training in nonviolent direct action to help local groups take their struggles to the next level. Following these meetings, we will provide guidance and support to these communities as they take direct action to stop the development of toxic infrastructure projects in their communities.

Empowering Rohingya immigrants to document their life stories through Grassroots comics to ensure their rights

Organization: World Comics India
Help Rohingya people to document their life stories back in Myanmar and current struggle in India. Documented first-person accounts would demonstrate the human face of this group ultimately would help to get the attention of the government and generate empathy from the international community, media, and masses.

Environmental Defenders Collective Security Programme

Organization: Not1More
Environmental defenders are being killed at a rate of almost 4 people each week, from 2002–2017 at least 1573 defenders were killed: almost double the number of UK and Australian soldiers killed on active duty over the same period. Our network organization will work with frontline environmental defenders in the violence hotspot state, Pará, Brazil, to pilot and refine practical, collective security strategies combining physical, digital, and psychosocial security with documentation and monitoring of abuses.

Legal Awareness and Empowerment of Tea Plantation Workers in Nepal

Organization: Nazdeek, Inc.
Nazdeek seeks to conduct legal empowerment trainings with tea plantation workers in Nepal to inform them of their rights under Nepal’s new constitution, Labour Act, 2017, and related laws/policies.

Mobile Screenprinting for Grassroots Organizing & National Movements

Organization: The Sanctuaries
We are looking to transform our screenprinting studio into a mobile workspace. This will allow us to use the artform as a base-building and culture-shifting tool, by equipping local artists to facilitate on-site workshops and wearable art-making stations at grassroots organizing meetings, direct actions, national marches, and more.

Not in my Country

Organization: AfriRemedy Trust
The project aims to advocate and lobby against the military sexual harassment and rape of women in Zimbabwe.

Palestinian Youth Delegation to South Africa: Joint Struggle and Community Building

Organization: Palestinian Youth Movement
A delegation of Palestinian youth organizers to Johannesburg, South Africa in April 2019. Selected participants will include a total of 18 Palestinian youth delegates from Latin America, the United States, Palestine, the Arab Region, Europe, and Africa (including South Africa). The delegation will be ten days long, during which, the Palestinian delegation will be meeting with South African youth activist and community organizations to learn and how South African communities engaged various methods for community advocacy, youth empowerment, and post-apartheid healing work.

Peace Sacco Champions Move

Organization: South-South Network Engagement - Africa
This project is a result of findings on how savings and cooperatives have uplifted the welfare of several post-conflict households in once war-torn countries. It seeks to actualize the consolidation of resources from persons previously affected by war and coerce them to bring change in their respective communities during the post-war reconstruction and development processes. Instead of the conventional over-reliance on the transitioning governments to support entrepreneurship, the peace ‘savers’ (comprising peace researchers, refugees, and returnees) enjoined together financially may support small-scale projects in the grassroots.

Promoting the Rights of Women and Girls in Detention

Organization: PEP Liberia
To raise awareness about the plights of women and girls in prison/detention centers in order to call attention of the government, policymakers, the civil society and international community.

Public Education Events with "In the Executioner's Shadow"

Organization: Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (MADP)
A series of public education events across Missouri to showcase the film “In the Executioner’s Shadow.” Each event will conclude with a panel centered around a discussion of: “What is Justice” and what part should the death penalty play as wrongful convictions, botched executions, and a broken justice system inch further in the spotlight.

Resisting Israel’s home demolition policy: Challenging JCB

Organization: Shoal Collective
Using documentation already collected in Palestine we aim to create a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign against the UK based company JCB.

Short Animation Project

Organization: Death Penalty Focus
Create animated YouTube videos for distribution on social media. Each short video will dispel a commonly held belief about the death penalty.

Grant Year: 2018

“Seeing is believing?” - critical approach to news

Organization: Dom Otwarty (The Open House)
Project Location: Mazowsze , Poland
Series of workshops on critical approach to information/news, run in schools and community centres in Mazowsze region (Warsaw excluded). We see it as a kick-off for a large-scale (nationwide) effort. Teaching materials prepared for this project can be replicated and used in other activities. We have qualified trainers, but need support to prepare the materials and reach the target audience.

American Indian Retreat

Organization: Resistance Studies Network (RSN)
Our project is to organize a workshop with a selection of young and older leaders from a diversity of activist groups among First Nations in the US.

Amplifying the Voices of Military Families

Organization: Military Families Speak Out
MFSO seeks to highlight the stories of military families that oppose the wars in the Middle East with support from media coaches and media interns. <p>Explore timely opportunities for families to speak to the media, update media contacts, write press releases, provide talking points, coach volunteers on how to speak to the media, post all media coverage on social media, and on the websites of like-minded organizations.  Peace, United for Peace and Justice, Win Without War, About Face, On Earth Peace, The Poor People’s Campaign, US Labor Against the War, CodePink, and United National Anti-War Coalition and World Beyond War.</p> <p> </p>

Anishinaabe Healing Stories on Racial Justice

Organization: Native Justice Coalition
Public story-sharing events on racism to bring voice and visibility to our people and communities. We plan to digitally record all the stories into documentaries for community resources. Concurrently, if requested by the community we will offer private story sharing opportunities as some people may not feel safe to share. To be culturally sensitive we will also offer traditional talking circles if requested by the community.

Campaign for the Human Rights of Landless People

Organization: Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
Project Location: Berkeley , United States
On October 22, 2017, MCLI began assisting First They Came for the Homeless (FTCftH), a campaign led by landless people in Berkeley, CA. Our Campaign for the Human Rights of Landless People has grown from that to include FTCftH, The Village in Oakland, Land Action, and the East Bay Gray Panthers. We are coordinating overarching efforts to end raids on homeless encampments throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as well as establish solutions to the homeless crisis. This work combines multiple forms of organizing including political action, legal support, education, and political advocacy.

Community Supporters

Organization: Awood Center
Project Location: Minneapolis , United States
The Awood Center has been focused over the last year in developing worker leadership amongst East African Amazon workers, the majority of Amazons MN blue-collar workforce. This project has been successful, in a short time developing a worker-led committee or Gudega Xaalinta to determine demands and direct action plans. They have successfully engaged the highest level of local Amazon management and have been directly demanding that Amazon jobs become safe, reliable and stable to support a family. This proposal is for supporting the development of a community based "community supporters" committee that can engage the broader East African community in this struggle.

Gays Against Guns

Organization: Gays Against Guns
This grant goes for Gays Against Guns' transportation and materials expenses to bring members and allied activists to Fairfax, Virginia and Washington, DC on February 14, 2019, the 1 year anniversary of the Marjorie Stoneham Douglas massacre in Parkland Florida, to bring attention to the need for gun violence prevention.

Kween Culture Initiative

Organization: Kween Culture Initiative

Live Your Life handbook on nonviolent survival after high school

Organization: Whatcom Peace & Justice Center
Project Location: Bellingham , United States
For low-income youth and youth of color, the alternatives to military service are obscured by the culture of militarism in our schools. Building on 15 years of countering the dominant narrative by tabling in schools, the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center is now deepening conversations around resisting militarism with supportive adults and young people. This project will establish an accessible local network of mentors, a physical handbook, and a complementary website, in order to open young people's eyes to the alternatives to military service in this area and the community willing to support them here.

My Shadow: Access, Privacy and Digital Security Tactics for Rights Defenders in Kenya

Organization: Enduring Voices Foundation
Project Location: Nairobi , Kenya
In Kenya, oil, gas, minerals, forests, wildlife and other natural resources are found in abundance. However, indigenous communities who depend on these ecological environments are often disregarded by corporations and governments who exploit these resources. Out of this situation, a network of Journalists, Bloggers, Human Rights Defenders(HRDs) and Activists emerges. Nonetheless, the HRDs work is plagued by threats, assaults, arbitrary-arrests, detention, kidnappings and murder. Their rise on online activism has prompted the government to develop/deploy surveillance technologies in monitoring communications, censoring digital-information and cracking-down on HRDs. Given these challenges, Journalists, Bloggers and HRDs are asked to enhance their Digital Security.

North America Rojava Alliance (NARA) Capacity Building Project

Project Location: New York , United States
<p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 100%">North America Rojava Alliance (NARA) is a small solidarity group made up completely of volunteers. Though we know many other people in the New York area are interested in the vision of Rojava (also known as the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria), we have had no staff and no capacity to reach sympathetic parties in a systematic and ongoing way. We feel we could have a much broader reach and greater impact if we had a part-time staff person or intern to handle logistics, communications, and outreach. Our goal is to double our active membership (which has fluctuated between five and fifteen members), which we hope to do by starting a study group and having occasional events. Our project timeline is as follows:</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 100%">&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 100%">Hire an intern in January 2018 to work 5+hours per week and oversee communications, logistics, monitoring and responding to inquiries on social media and email, and consolidating and enlarging our email subscription lists.</p> </li> <li> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 100%">Begin monthly study group meetings and/or events beginning in February.</p> </li> <li> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 100%">Establish a press list and send regular news briefings on the situation in Rojava.</p> </li> </ul>

Protection Network Expansion

Organization: Southside Worker Center
Project Location: Tucson , United States
We are expanding our "Protection Network", or mutual support and organizing network, for undocumented workers and families. Our members train undocumented families to stop deportation by understanding their rights and building a response network of other community members in case of detention. They host house meetings and small gatherings. The network is mobilized when a member is detained by law enforcement or Border Patrol. They organize to stop the separation of members from their families through non-violent direct action, public pressure campaigns, pro-bono legal support, and fundraising for bond and immediate needs all led by undocumented workers and families.

Rehabilitation of females and elderly male inmates at Zomba Central Maximum Security Prison

Organization: Women’s Innovations Centre
Project Location: zomba , Malawi
Zomba central prison accommodates 500+ inmates. Out of these, 55 are females and 184 male elderly inmates. Each quarter the prison pardons 15% of these offenders back into communities after serving their sentences. While in prison offenders often participate in various rehabilitation programs that seek to transform their behavior and eventually improve the likelihood leading them to be productive and have a crime free life. These programs include vocational skills, education and substance use disorder treatment. These programs successfully helps to reduce the number of offenders who recidivate, results in direct and indirect fiscal benefit to the state, improves overall inmates wellbeing, improves educational attainment.

Resisting ICE in Massachusetts

Organization: The FANG Collective
Resisting ICE in Bristol County: a campaign to pressure counties in Massachusetts to end their 287(g) agreements with ICE, which grants local law enforcement departments the authority for immigration enforcement within their jurisdictions. The current target of this campaign is the Bristol County Jail and ICE facility, where we are working with inmates and community organizations to pressure for better conditions.

Rise and Resist

Organization: Rise And Resist

Space is the Place

Organization: Black Kids in Outer Space
Our goal is to eliminate police enforcement from being part of street safety. BKIOS covers the African diaspora. Our focus is on transportation. We discuss the challenges Black people face across the world which include harassment by the police, poorly designed streets, and urban planning which disproportionately kills Black people. Our project Space is the Place will document in video, writing, and photos 10 of the most dangerous streets for people of the African diaspora in the US. We will take into account police violence, urban planning, gentrification, and transportation engineering. It will launch at unTokening in Detroit. Transportation intersects health, the police, urban planning, and transportation. Our number one goal with Space is the Place is to extract the police completely from the equation of keeping people safe in regards to transportation. We want zero police enforcement and involvement in transportation and we want infrastructure and education of drivers to be the sole focus of keeping Black people safe and comfortable on the streets. The project is designed to amplify the concerns of the Black community, the most hyper-segregated community in the United States in regards to transportation, to educate professionals in transportation about options other than police, to inform politicians, and to highlight to the general public the racist practices in urban planning and transportation engineering. We will through media shine a light on the importance of good infrastructure and how transportation and the limiting of movement is the number one tool used to oppress Black and other marginalized communities.

Strengthening a United Advocacy with Grassroots Organizations(SUGO) Project

Organization: Kartekri Organization
The project is set to help the organization to conduct trainings within the region. The group is an LGBTI organization working in the rural part of Siaya county of Kisumu city Kenya, the region is so homophobic full of stigma and discrimination. the organization will be advocating for the LGBTI persons within the region through training to the stakeholders within the region. This will help the members to have voice and interact well well with the community.

TPS Youth Organizing Committee (Comité TPS Nevada Camino a la Residencia)

Organization: Arriba Las Vegas Worker Center
Project Location: Las Vegas , United States
This grant goes for Arriba Las Vegas Worker Center's TPS Youth Organizing Committee (Comité TPS Nevada Camino a la Residencia) for its education and organizing work with young people facing the cancellation of the U.S. government's Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.

Trans Voices

Organization: Garden of Peace, Inc.
Project Location: Pittsburgh , United States
Trans Voices is a four-day revival and celebration of black trans folks as thought-leaders and the champions of our own movements. We pray and have church. We sing. We plan. We vision and build. We laugh. We eat! We meditate. We have communion and fellowship. We come together to celebrate the brilliance of our community. We speak our joys and our sorrow. Here we have courageous conversations. We choose to sit in our vulnerabilities as we act as witness. We challenge ideas around resistance and art and who has access to create, claim, and reclaim spaces.

YSAT: Youth Scientist-Activist Training Camp

Organization: Advocates of Science and Technology for the People (AGHAM)
YSAT: Youth Scientist-Activist Training Camp

Grant Year: 2017

Advocating for rural women’s land use, ownership and access rights

Organization: Ufanisi Women Group
Project Location: Kisiwa, Western Kenya , Kenya
For expenses related to education and organizing to promote secure and equitable access to and control over lands for women farmers in Kisiwa, Western Kenya.

AOM 2.0S Info-Activism and Info-Security Workshop

Organization: Computer Professionals’ Union (CP-Union)
Project Location: Quezon City , Philippines
AOM 2.0S Info-Activism and Info-Security Workshop: Integrating Information Security in Activism in the Age of Surveillance and Big Data. A two-day workshop for people's organizations and grassroots movements from all over the Philippines, focusing on the integration of information security best practices for activists amid an age of massive surveillance and big data collection.

Arts of Resistance Convening

Organization: Adelante Alabama Worker Center
Project Location: Birmingham , United States
To convene a group of social justice and creative leaders from across the Southeast for an intensive 2-3 day training on integrating creative tactics and various art forms—popular theater, music, visual art—into our campaigns, programs, and direct actions in pursuit of racial justice, economic, justice, and immigrants rights. The “Arts of Resistance” Convening will take place at Adelante’s office in Birmingham, AL in the spring or early summer of 2017, and will culminate in a direct action/creative intervention in Birmingham or at the nearby Etowah County Detention Center.

Centering Racial Justice in Our Movements

Organization: Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine
As an organization we have made centering racial justice in our work a priority that we will need to devote significant resources to in the coming years. Funding would allow us to begin work that will help establish racially equitable organizing spaces. Rather than seeking funding for a single event, program, or training we are seeking funding to work in collaboration with other groups that are doing social justice organizing to bring anti-racism front and center throughout our diverse projects in a deliberate way.

Council for Black Land and Food Sovereignty

Organization: Black Yield Institute
Project Location: Baltimore , United States
An organizing project rooted in building a powerful coalition to lead the collective charge of building a local food movement (in Baltimore) with a vision to achieve Black Food Sovereignty. The coalition, in this phase, will include ten organizations/companies. Representatives will work together to draft a “movement plan,” which will be vetted by our larger community through a series of participatory forums. After this process, the leaders and other stakeholders will organize a Black Food Sovereignty Conference.

Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis – Hearing and Strategy Meeting

Organization: Connection e.V.
Project Location: Brussels , Belgium
A two-day event in Brussels, Belgium for education and organizing focused on the need for the protection of Eritrean asylum seekers in the EU host countries.

Gender and Youth Militarisation

Organization: War Resisters International
Project Location: Instanbul , Turkey
Gender and Youth Militarisation, War Resisters' International's training to be held in Istanbul January 2018, with 15 grassroots activists from Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Palestine.

Independent Media Project

Organization: Bakeneko Collective
Project Location: Tokyo , Japan
We are seeking a grant to help launch a non-profit, independent media website in Japan dedicated to providing a platform for independent reporting and news analysis from a grassroots perspective. Our website will mainly feature stories covering popular nonviolent struggles against the military occupation of Okinawa, the ongoing nuclear crisis in Fukushima, and the Abe administration's revisionism and neoliberal policies. In addition to original reporting, our website will also translate and republish articles from progressive, independent media outlets in the US to provide Japanese readers with global perspectives on peace and social justice.

It’s Time to Listen: A Multimedia Resource Highlighting Voices of People Affected by Systemic and Racialized Violence

Organization: The Truth Telling Project
Project Location: St.Louis , United States

Leadership Development among Brazilian Immigrant Women

Organization: Brazilian Women's Group
Project Location: Boston , United States
For Leadership Development among Brazilian Immigrant Women, for printed materials and other expenses related to education and organizing of Brazilian women in the Boston area with regard to their rights as immigrants and workers.

NEPPC Community Education Initiative

Organization: Northeast Political Prisoner Coalition (NEPPC)
The NEPPC Community Education Initiative will provide events, classes, discussions and reading circles designed to raise awareness about the history, status and plight of Political Prisoners/Prisoners of War. Despite increased availability of information due to technology, knowledge about past political struggles and their aftermath is neither widely known nor often discussed. By providing community education classes and discussion groups, NEPPCC plans to have community members look at COINTELPRO and other governmental tactics used to suppress dissent and radical organizing.

North America Rojava Alliance Internship

Organization: North American Rojava Alliance
Project Location: New York , United States
Internship stipend for 9 months with North America Rojava Alliance (NARA) a solidarity group based in NYC.

Palestinian Advocacy vs Israeli Settlement Building and Occupation

Organization: Arab Educational Institute
The project involves Palestinians from the Bethlehem area in the West Bank to protest illegal settlement building as well as the Israeli occupation in general, now in its 50th year. The activities will include a public campaign led by 60 Palestinian women and made up of training workshops, an information package, choir performances, the making of story posters, games, and media outreach. Special emphasis will be given to the Separation Wall around Rachel’s Tomb and a threatening land expropriation in north-Bethlehem.

Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP)

Organization: Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP)
The RAPP Campaign is centrally concerned about mass incarceration and how systems such as parole, clemency, and compassionate release, have been co-opted by a prevailing punishment paradigm - a primary contributor of mass incarceration - rather than on rehabilitation. Focusing on the elderly in prison, our aim is to generate concern for reducing the prison population by shifting the narrative that extends and perpetuates punishment. The funding from A.J. Muste will give us the opportunity to organize and initiate community-based town halls throughout the five boroughs to educate and build public support and critical mass needed to effectuate change.

SJSA Ambassadors Program

Organization: Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA)
Project Location: Antioch , United States
The Social Justice Sewing Academy is requesting funding to begin an ambassadors program of young social justice leaders who will work together to engage and educate communities through activist art. By actively engaging youth, the SJSA Ambassadors program will draw attention to, mobilize action toward, and attempt to intervene in, systems of inequality of injustice from the perspective of the youth most affected by these systems.

Southern Arizona Congregational Organizing for Immigrant Rights

Organization: Southern Arizona Sanctuary Coalition
Project Location: Tucson , United States

Strengthening security conditions in search of disappeared persons in Mexico

Organization: Técnicas Rudas
Project Location: Mexico City , Mexico
In Mexico, tens of thousands of people are disappeared. Families and communities come together, risking and sacrificing their lives, to find and rescue their missing family members with no protection or support from the state. Our project aims to help these groups adopt tools and practices that will enable them to better protect themselves from surveillance, repression and violence while they continue the search for their disappeared.

The Cry of Mother Earth: Call to the First Ecosocialist International

Organization: Ecosocialist Horizons
Funding to accompany and facilitate the convergence of grassroots movements from Latin America, Asia, Africa and North America in the convocation of the First Ecosocialist International, October 31-November 3, 2017.

​Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

Organization: New York State Youth Leadership Council
Project Location: New York , United States
The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) is a collective learning space where participants, program organizers and guest speakers and facilitators engage in in-depth discussions to explore the intersections of systems of oppression, such as patriarchy, white supremacy and racism. Through lively discussions and group activities, participants will become active in their personal, intellectual and communal growth. This year we are expecting 24 participants.

Youth Intern Project

Organization: The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice
Project Location: Northampton , United States
About ten internships to begin in the Spring of 2018. Support to advertise internships, interview candidates, and begin in late January, following a curriculum for orienting, training, and eventually graduating interns at the end of the spring.

Grant Year: 2016

Accountability and Justice in the Indonesian Archipelago Campaign

Organization: East Timor and Indonesia Action Network
Project Location: New York , United States
The Accountability and Justice in the Indonesian Archipelago Campaign raises awareness among the U.S. public about the U.S. government's overt and covert roles in major human rights violations in Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and West Papua; pursuing the official release of classified records documenting U.S. complicity; and supporting efforts to win justice for the victims of these violations, and to hold the violators accountable for their actions.

Demilitarization of territories and bodies: annual gathering of the Latin American and Caribbean Antimilitarist Network (RAMALC)

Organization: SERPAJ-Paraguay
Demilitarization of territories and bodies will be an international gathering of antimilitarist and nonviolent activists in Asunción, Paraguay. The event will connect local and international grassroots organizers struggling against militarization, and to support nonviolent struggle against militarism in Paraguay. The gathering is also the annual meeting of RAMALC, of which SERPAJ PY is a member. Since 2014, RAMALC has been gathering annually, developing nonviolent strategies against militarism in the region, with a strong emphasis on the impact of extractive industries to local communities. The gathering will include: seminars, workshops, a nonviolent action and visits to communities resisting local militarization.

Health Care is a Human Right People’s Report: Phase II Release and Mobilization

Organization: Southern Maine Workers Center
SMWC's Healthcare is a Human Right (HCHR) committee is building the collective power of low-income people to win a universal, publicly-funded healthcare system in Maine. During Phase I of the campaign SMWC established a grassroots base by collecting 1000 surveys documenting people's healthcare experiences and conducting free clinics. SMWC is seeking support for Phase II campaign activities including: 1) printing a report that summarizes the results of the surveys, profiles members' stories, and makes policy recommendations; 2) organizing a series of HCHR People's Report townhall meetings; 3) implementing a media strategy that will raise the profile of the campaign.

Nuestras Escuelas (Our Schools) workshop series

Organization: Center for Participatory Change
Project Location: Erwin , United States
Nuestras Escuelas addresses racial disparities and structural racism within the public schools of Buncombe County, NC, focusing first on organizing with parents and students within the Erwin District. These disparities are reflected not only in student achievement gaps, but also in many barriers to parent and student involvement, leadership, and inclusion within the schools system. Nuestras Escuelas organizes with parents and students to advocate for their own communities within institutions that have traditionally excluded and marginalized their voices. This request is for a workshop series to increase the capacity of parent and student leaders in the project.

“Education, Not Segregation: Advancing the Human Right to Education for Undocumented Students in the U.S. South”

Organization: Freedom University
Project Location: Atlanta , United States
Freedom University empowers undocumented students in Georgia with the skills they need to become leaders in their struggle to end modern segregation in higher education. Georgia is one of only three states - all in the Deep South - to ban undocumented students from public higher education. Through liberatory education, leadership development, and direct action, Freedom University has won for fair admissions policies at universities in Georgia and around the country, including Emory, Bard, Smith, and others. We have transformed the debate on undocumented students and seek to increase public pressure on the state of Georgia to rescind its discriminatory policies.

“NO HUMAN INVOLVED”: the criminalization of sex work, the violence of incarceration and public education strategies to create change

Organization: Moral High Ground

#OurHistoryMatters Campaign for Ethnic Studies

Organization: Providence Student Union
Project Location: Providence , United States
The #OurHistoryMatters Campaign for Ethnic Studies will bring ethnic studies courses in all Providence public high schools.

Bridging the Americas: Brown and Black Lives Presente!

Organization: FOR Peace Presence
Project Location: Oakland , United States
Bridging the Americas: Brown and Black Lives Presente!, brings Afro-Colombian community leaders from Colombia to the United States to exchange understanding and analysis about the root causes of structural and physical violence affecting black and brown communities, and to further develop nonviolent strategies that defend life and create peaceful alternatives.

Career Builders Program

Organization: Chico Peace & Justice Center
Project Location: Chico , United States
This project will fund the Career Builders Program, informing the youth of Butte County, California, about alternatives to military service while providing them with career building activities and trainings.

Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH)

Organization: Civic Council of Popular & Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH)
Project Location: La Esperanza , Honduras
La Esperanza, Honduras: a special emergency grant of $2,500 to defend the rights, health, and culture of the Lenca people, to protect indigenous territorial rights against the threats of extraction and expropriation, to promote gender equality and respect for sexual diversity, and related efforts.

Community Organizer Training for Transnational Solidarity

Organization: Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera
Project Location: border area , United States
This grant goes to support the Community Organizer Training for Transnational Solidarity, developing a young organizer through mentorship and experiential training methods to organize around militarization of the border, workers' rights, non-violent resistance, and gender empowerment.

Cyber Security Trainings and Protests Rapid Response

Organization: Black Movement-Law Project
Work with grassroots organizations on enhancing their digital security preparedness.

End Poverty NOW! March for Economic Justice

Organization: Organize! Ohio
Project Location: Cleveland , United States
The July 2016 End Poverty NOW! March for Economic Justice, seeks to raise awareness of the causes and impact of poverty, to demand attention to the structural issues that perpetuate poverty and inequality, and to strengthen ongoing collaboration among grassroots social justice groups in the Cleveland area.

Fort Collins Homeless Coalition Decriminalization Campaign

Organization: Fort Collins Community Action Network
Fort Collins Homeless Coalition Decriminalization Campaign: education, empowerment, and action for homeless activists and their allies.

Heartland Leadership Project

Organization: Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom, Inc.
Project Location: Kansas City , United States
Classroom and event space and for the printing of course materials for the Heartland Leadership Project a project designed to advance the leadership skills of low-wage workers fighting to improve their jobs and their lives. Through a series of courses and workshops, low-wage workers involved with the fight for $15 an hour and union rights will expand their oratory and organizing skills.

IFCO/Pastors for Peace

Organization: Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)
Project Location: New York , United States
This grant supports the 27th US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan, a tour of grassroots organizers from the MLK Center in Cuba to cities across the United States, to speak to new audiences about life under the US blockade and why it must end.

Inclusion of Non-violence Strategies in Tibetan School Curriculum

Organization: Active Nonviolence Education Center
Project Location: Dharamshala , India
ANEC with Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration have initiated to introduce Nonviolence Strategies in school curriculum via many means such as translating short stories of nonviolence in Tibetan, organizing seminars, debates and workshops in respective schools. We are going to translate and publish three illustrative story books based on nonviolence into Tibetan language, which contains eight short stories. We are going to conduct five days training on nonviolence principles and practical for forty seven Teacher Training Students, who are going to be teachers in Tibetan schools in which we are going to introduce nonviolence curriculum.

Interference Archive Capacity Building Workshops

Organization: Interference Archive
Project Location: New York , United States
Host 5 skill-building workshops for our volunteer community of approximately 40 active volunteers.

International Campaign for Land Rights and Food Sovereignty in Haiti

Organization: Other Worlds
The International Campaign for Land Rights and Food Sovereignty in Haiti responds to one of the largest, cross-cutting issues Haitians are facing: the need to secure land rights against a corporate frenzy of land grabbing for mining, free trade zones, large-scale tourism, and agribusiness. Through ground-breaking research, distribution of accessible educational materials in English and Creole, and capacity-building support, this campaign is focused on strengthening the ability of peasant and other grassroots Haitian movements to protect their land as a key path to livelihood, economic security, preservation of community, and food sovereignty.

Laundromat Organizing Campaign - Worker Interviews

Organization: Laundry Workers Center
Project Location: New York , United States
The Laundromat Organizing Campaign is a multi-phase project that seeks to empower laundry workers by improving the living and working conditions in the industry through the organizing process, and via the documentation of the working conditions of retail-coined laundromats. The phases of this campaign are based on a) research, b) organizing, c) leadership development and d) public education. Through mystery shopping, workers' interviews at 110 selected laundromats in NYC, leadership training sessions and public consumer education, LWC will elaborate a report on the industry that will serve as an organizing tool for workers, policy-makers and consumers to change some of the exploitative conditions that permeate this industry. LWC sought funding from AJ Muste Foundation for the first phase of the project: the research (worker interviews), LWC members were trained to visit Laundromats to observe and document the working conditions, after mystery shopping is complete, LWC members will conduct interviews with workers. While observations give us a baseline for conditions, the heart of the research lies in worker experiences.

MAPEO (Mapeo para Activistas y Pueblos En Oaxaca)

Organization: SURCO A.C
Project Location: Oaxaca , Mexico
The MAPEO project (Mapeo para Activistas y Pueblos En Oaxaca), provides training in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and mapping technologies for civil society land defense and resistance to governmental and corporate oppression in Oaxaca.

Migrant Justice//Justica Migrante

Organization: Migrant Justice
Project Location: Burlington , United States
The Human Rights Promoters (Promotores) project, trains immigrant farmworkers to provide peer educational sessions to workers in Vermont's dairy industry, in order to help dairy workers understand and defend their labor and housing rights.

New Profile

Project Location: Ramat Hasharon , Israel
Refuser Solidarity Network: for educational work to counter militarization and militarism in Israel.

Pacific Northwest Pledge of Resistance

Project Location: Seattle , United States
Seattle, WA: $3,000 in December for the Pacific Northwest Pledge of Resistance, encouraging people in the Seattle area to pledge to take action to protect the environment.

Peaceful Vocations Poetry Slam, Literature to use in schools and at civic events

Organization: Peaceful Vocations
Project Location: Ft. Worth , United States
To educate youth, parents and school staff regarding military life and to promote alternative career options. The poetry slam will be our 7th annual poetry slam. The poetry slam is promoted in our numerous presences in schools (approximately 35 times annually), where we display literature and talk with students and school staff. The poetry slam is popular with teachers and counselors. The literature is our largest expense and is the key to our being able to have a presence in schools; the gifts of wristbands with literature and the promotion of the poetry slam are all overlapping, with each one complimenting the other.

Picture the Homeless

Project Location: New York , United States
The Campaign to End Unnecessary Custodial Arrests and Police Profiling of Homeless People, is using participatory research to uncover patterns of police interactions with homeless New Yorkers and applying that research to expand the rights of homeless people.

Prison Birth Project

Organization: Prison Birth Project
Project Location: Holyoke , United States
The Peace Development Fund for movement building, fundraising, and capacity strengthening for efforts to effectively demonstrate to policymakers and the public how the prison system harms people and communities.

Project Hajra

Organization: Allied Media Projects
Project Location: Jamaica , United States
The Allied Media Projects for the Community Safety Initiative (CSI), supports women organizing in Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South/Central Asian communities in Queens, New York, to address family and interpersonal violence, the roots of violence, intersecting oppressions, safety and trust, and liberation and gender justice.

Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities

Organization: Project YANO
Project Location: Encinitas , United States
Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO) will use the Muste Institute's Counter Recruitment Fund for student and community organizing that challenges militarism and addresses the socio-economic factors that make low-income youths vulnerable to military recruitment and militarization. Specifically, the grant goes for an internship through which a student intern will build organizing and leadership skills, do community outreach, and give presentations to high school students; and for production and distribution of educational materials to increase student awareness of the realities of war and inform students about non-military college and career alternatives.

Remembering Hiroshima,Imagining Peace

Organization: Remembering Hiroshima
Project Location: Pittsburgh , United States
The production and distribution of educational materials and other expenses of a pop-up photography installation drawing attention to the effects of the March 2011 nuclear energy disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, Bike Around the Bomb, and related efforts to raise public awareness of the dangers of nuclear power and promote sustainable alternatives.

South-South Network Engagement - Africa

Organization: South-South Network Engagement - Africa
Project Location: Nairobi , Kenya
This project aims to create a movement of international peace cultural practitioners for conflict mediation/resolution, based on well researched, effective and appropriate indigenous practices; to develop trainings to further the work of the published findings on the shared similarities of traditional peace building initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America; and to complement government efforts in boosting peace building initiatives within the communities hence enhancing social cohesion and peaceful co-existence.

Swaraj Peeth Trust

Organization: Swaraj Peeth Trust
Project Location: Gurgaon, Haryana , India
A Gandhian experiment in nonviolent transformation of violence and radicalization in the conflict area of Jammu and Kashmir, including engagement and dialogue with youth, affected groups and communities at the grassroots; building of nonpartisan nonviolent civil society infrastructure; and deployment of community-based nonviolent peacekeepers and peacebuilders.

Texas Caregivers Campaign

Organization: Domesticas Unidas
Project Location: San Antonio , United States
Texas Caregivers Campaign raises awareness among domestic workers, employers, and the broader community about the rights of domestic workers to be fairly compensated for their time, protected from abuse, and ensured their freedom of entry and exit from the workplace; and building networks of solidarity for the ongoing organizing of domestic workers in Texas.

The Movements of Movements: Listening, Learning, and Seeding the Future

Organization: CACIM India Institute for Critical Action: Centre in Movement
Project Location: Oakland , United States
Friends of PM partners with CACIM - India Institute for Critical Action: Centre in Movement in building collaborative relations between diverse movements around the world and sharing popular education materials to seed critical discussion and reflection on contemporary movement building.

Tri-Valley CAREs

Organization: Tri-Valley Communities Against a Radioactive Environment
Project Location: Livermore , United States
Communities Against a Radioactive Environment will build community engagement to improve the Superfund cleanup at the Livermore Lab's High Explosives Testing Range and win environmental justice for residents of the Livermore/Tracy area.

USA Cooperative Youth Council

Organization: USA Cooperative Youth Council
Project Location: Minneapolis , United States
December to train young people in co-op and campaign organizing, so they can more effectively other young people to take action in a national campaign for expanding racial justice within the co-op movement.

Voice of Women Uganda

Organization: Voice of Women Uganda
Project Location: Kampala , Uganda
A project to engage men and women in ending gender-based violence (GBV) through education and awareness building.

Waging Nonviolence

Organization: Waging Nonviolence
Project Location: Brooklyn , United States
To build an anti-militarism bureau that will develop and sustain a strong and diverse base of activist reporters around the world to produce original stories and web-based resources on nonviolent resistance to war and militarism.

We Cannot Walk Alone

Organization: Prison Justice League (PJL)
Project Location: Austin , United States
This grant will expand the We Cannot Walk Alone program, developing leadership and organizing skills among incarcerated PJL members to effectively advocate for criminal justice reform and prisoner/human rights.

Women in Black

Organization: Women in Black
Project Location: Belgrade , Serbia
The project "Engaging Young People in Artistic Activism to Deal with the Past" working with young activists to develop a Digital Memorial booklet raising awareness and providing facts about the wars that took place in the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia.

Young Activist Leaders Program

Organization: Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
Project Location: Spokane , United States
The Young Activist Leaders Program is developing the leadership, skills, analysis, and relationships of young activists to increase their success and longevity as social justice leaders, to build the capacity of local youth-led campaigns, and to center young people in leading our inter-generational social justice movement.

Grant Year: 2015

Popular Communicators for Autonomy

Organization: Comunicador's Populares por la Autonomía (Popular Communicators for Autonomy)
Project Location: Chiapas , Mexico
In 2015, COMPPA will continue to facilitate the process of strengthening the Network of Indigenous, Garifuna and Community Radios (MNCIGR), developing a methodological manual for comprehensive training in popular communication and community radio, which serves as base material in their process for multiplying and training new generations of community communicators. This manual will complement COMPPA's series of 4 Popular Communication Manuals, with activities that correspond to 4 main study areas: popular communication, popular communication tools, internal organization and facilitation skills, and radio's technical aspects. With this new manual, groups can design their own workshops and adapt them to their specific needs and contexts.

A New Dawn in the Negev

Organization: New Israel Fund
Project Location: Rahat , Israel
The New Israel Fund will create an anti-violence training course for social justice activism and leadership development in the Bedouin city of Rahat, to address police violence and ethnic, social, political, and economic tensions.

Africa Awake NPC

Organization: Africa Solidarity Network
<p><span style="font-family:Times New Roman,Times,serif;"><font size="3">Africa Awake will use the grant to create a training workshop in collaboration with the Africa Solidarity Network, helping diaspora activist leaders from Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda living in Durban, South Africa guide their communities to apply nonviolent means in seeking democratic change.</font></span></p>

Burundi Nonviolence Initiative

Organization: Center for Peacemaking Leadership

Centar za izgradnju mira

Organization: Center for Peacebuilding
Project Location: Sanski Most , Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Center for Peacebuilding used this grant for the International Peace Week Campaign, a week-long event to raise awareness of the need for peacebuilding activism in modern day Bosnia and Herzegovina, held in September 2015.

Families United Against the Death Penalty

Organization: Community Resource Initiative
A series of holiday organizing, informational and mutual support meetings among families of death row prisoners in California.

Freedom Friday

Organization: Everyday Rebellion
Project Location: Oakland , United States
<p class="style2"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday), will have a nonviolence training with Eritrean diaspora activists on campaign building, cohesion and training of trainers. </font></font></font></p>

Human Rights Education & Action2015

Organization: Unidad Latina en Accion
Project Location: New Haven , United States
This project aims to raise awareness among immigrants and non-immigrants about the root causes of migration and build a coalition to take action on global justice issues.

Inside the Activist Studio

Organization: Campaign to Bring Mumia Home
Project Location: Brooklyn , United States
Inside the Activist Studio (IAS) is an interview style, web-based series that will feature the life history of a different activist in every episode.

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Organization: WESPAC Foundation
Project Location: White Plains , United States
The WESPAC Foundation will use the funds for the release tour for the "Business of Backlash" report, exposing the funders and organizations who attack anti-occupation activists and organizers in the U.S. and building collective response strategies.

IVAW Speakers Bureau

Organization: Iraq Veterans Against the War (National Office)
Establish a Speaker's Bureau by training veteran IVAW members across the country to become spokespeople against U.S. militarism at home and abroad.

Military CourtWatch

Organization: Women’s Fund for Human Rights – MachsomWatch
Project Location: Jerusalem , Israel
MachsomWatch volunteers seek to expand its work in observing and monitoring trials in the Military Courts, where the Israeli military administration tries Palestinians who have been charged with security offenses. Many of the people charged are minors, and often the charges are questionable. We will write reports about the hearings, which we will then distribute via social media. We seek support to increase the number of visits to these courts and to improve the ways in which this information is shared.

Mobilization to Free Oscar Lopez Rivera

Organization: National Boricua Human Rights Network
Project Location: Bronx , United States
A mobilization in support of the New York City-based May 30 march calling for the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera, a 72-year old Puerto Rican Political Prisoner who has been incarcerated for the last 34 years.

Rise Up 2015 Criminalization Leadership Development Program

Organization: Rise Up Georgia
Project Location: Atlanta , United States
In the wake of recent events, Rise Up Georgia has served as a regional hub for a growing movement to tackle over-policing and criminalization in our communities. Over the course of 2015, we will continue to recruit young people of color and LGBTQ youth to participate in a variety of power building education sessions and trainings in order to develop a new generation of leaders to be at the forefront of this struggle. We also will begin conducting research in order to identify possible local reforms that would improve the relationship between law enforcement and our communities.

Satyagraha Institute

Organization: Creative Nonviolence Center
A program to train twenty individuals in the traditions of nonviolent social change at a retreat center in the Black Hills of South Dakota from August 2 - 22, 2015.

Undocumented Youth Accessing College

Organization: New York State Youth Leadership Council
Project Location: New York , United States
Bringing together students for peer mentoring, leadership development, community building, resource-sharing and activism around issues including immigrant rights and the right to a higher education.

Unity for the Community/Unidad por la Comunidad

Organization: Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates
Project Location: St. Louis , United States
Project expenses and staff support of volunteer leadership. U4C is an immigrant-led community group focused on fighting racial profiling and discrimination, advocating for inclusive access to housing and services, and working toward increased cooperation among diverse immigrant and non-immigrant residents.

Wage Theft Community Monitor Project

Organization: The Workers' Rights Center
Project Location: Madison , United States
The Wage Theft Community Monitor Project seeks to train a core group monitors in the greater Madison area to help identify and address issues of wage theft in specific high violator industries. These community monitors will help initiate action with the support of the WRC and its allies to eliminate instances of wage theft by specific employers. This will put more money in workers' pockets and train low wage workers in collective action strategies in the workplace.

Why BDS? What It Can Do?

Organization: Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice
The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice (RCF) officially supports the call from Palestinian civil society for boycott, divestment, and sanctions until Israeli occupation ends and Palestinians enjoy equal rights. We have endorsed and supported BDS campaigns and engaged in BDS education, networking, and action. This month, we have formed a BDS Committee, with the goal of invigorating and deepening our commitment to BDS. We request resources to provide for review of existing BDS outreach materials and creation of our own outreach tools to be used for our organization's BDS efforts and by partner groups, as well.

Youth Organizing Institute

Organization: Youth Rise Texas
Project Location: Austin , United States
The Youth Organizing Institute (YOI) is an eight-week leadership development and mentorship program based in Austin, Texas for teens of color that are impacted by parental incarceration and deportation. The YOI will launch in Austin in late June 2015 and end in late August 2015, to be repeated annually upon the same timeline.

Grant Year: 2014

Ogoni Smallholder Farmers Leadership Training on Nonviolent Struggles

Organization: Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People
Project Location: Port Harcourt , Nigeria
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">The Ogoni Smallholder Farmers Leadership Training on Nonviolent Struggles, building the capacity of local female farmers to carry out effective nonviolent resistance to government land grabbing policies.</font></font></font></p>

Voices of Resistance: Testimonies of the Elders of Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Organization: Shoruq Organization
Project Location: Bethlehem City , Occupied Palestinian Territories
Voices of Resistance: Testimonies of the Elders of Dheisheh Refugee Camp, a specialized oral history initiative of audio and video interviews with survivors of the 1948 Nakba (the expulsion of Palestinians from their villages), with the goal to inspire, empower and fortify the Palestinian young people's nonviolent resistance movement to 65 years of occupation.

A Non-violent Struggle to End the Occupation

Organization: Combatants for Peace
Project Location: Ramat Gan , Israel
<p class="style2"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">&ldquo;A Non-violent Struggle to End the Occupation,&rdquo; scheduled to take place in Tul Karem, Palestine, Tel Aviv Israel, and Beit Jalla, Palestine in early 2015, with the goal of training Israeli and Palestinian members in the principles of nonviolence and to become leaders in a Theater of the Oppressed action program.</font></font></font></p>

Active Nonviolence Program

Organization: Chemchemi Ya Ukweli
Project Location: Nairobi , Kenya
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">The Active Non-violence Movement in Kenya will expand the Active Nonviolence Program through a &ldquo;Train the Trainers&rdquo; Training, preparing 20 new trainers from 17 different communities in Nairobi County to lead nonviolence trainings and to play a leadership role in addressing community conflicts. </font></font></font></p>

Cost of War to Virginia Project; a subproject of the larger "Alternatives to Militarism" program

Organization: Richmond Peace Education Center
Project Location: Richmond , United States
The Cost of War to Virginia Project educates Central Virginia communities about the importance of shifting government spending from military to local and state needs.

Eritrean Antimilitarist Initiative

Organization: Eritrean Antimilitarist Initiative
Project Location: Frankfurt Am Main , Germany
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">Training for trainers with Eritrean exile activists, focusing on the concept, strategies and actions of nonviolent campaigns and learning from the experiences of other countries. </font></font></font></p>

Interference Archive

Organization: Interference Archive
Project Location: Brooklyn , United States
Community programming to engage the public in the rich histories of social movements and to build connections between activists working in movements today. Projects supported by this grant include "Self Determination Inside/Out," an exhibit and related film screenings, panel discussions, community dialogues and other public programs designed to spark dialogue about the history and future of grassroots resistance to the prison-industrial complex.

International Campaign to End Apartheid in the Dominican Republic

Organization: Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees
Project Location: Brooklyn , United States
IFCO-Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, Inc. for the International Campaign to End Apartheid in the Dominican Republic, raising awareness about a call to boycott Dominican tourism and business in response to the Dominican Constitutional Court's September 2013 ruling that children born to undocumented immigrant parents after 1929 are no longer Dominican citizens. The ruling targeted Dominicans of Haitian descent, creating an apartheid system that renders four generations of Dominicans stateless and without rights.

Marginalized Grassroot Leaders’ Training on Nonviolence and Social Empowerment

Organization: Swadhina
Project Location: Kolkata , India
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">A &quot;Marginalized Grassroot Leaders&rsquo; Training on Nonviolence and Social Empowerment&rdquo; with members of Panchayats (local self-government bodies) and local community leaders in Jharkhand state, with the goal of developing their capacity to implement nonviolent action for good governance and social justice.</font></font></font></p>

MOVICE Valle de Cauca

Organization: MOVICE: Movimiento de Victimas de Crimenes de Estado (Movement of Victims of State Crimes)
Project Location: Buenaventura , Colombia
Movimiento de Victimas de Crimenes de Estado (Movement of Victims of State Crimes) aims to generate collective spaces and materials for memory and against impunity, in order to strengthen organizing and mobilizing by relatives of victims of forced disappearance in Buenaventura, Colombia.

Nonviolence Training for Women and Youth in East Pokot, Kenya

Organization: Amani Peoples Theatre
Project Location: Nairobi , Kenya
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">A Nonviolence Training for Women and Youth in East Pokot, Kenya, uses participatory theater and forum theater to equip participants with nonviolent action skills and knowledge that they will use to mobilize their communities in nonviolent action and crisis intervention.</font></font></font></p>

Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission

Organization: Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission
Project Location: Colorado Springs , United States
Peace Camp 2014, a week-long program in July 2014 for children ages six to thirteen in the Pikes Peak region to learn about nonviolent communication, community activism, and peacemaking locally and globally.

Prison Reform Public Education Project

Organization: Coalition for Effective Public Safety
Project Location: Boston , United States
The Prison Reform Public Education Project works to organize community forums about the harmful policies and practices contributing to overcrowding and mass incarceration in the state of Massachusetts.

Project Hajra

Organization: Project Hajra
Project Location: New York , United States
This grant will help women's empowerment groups to collectively address issues including interpersonal violence, the roots of violence, intersecting oppressions, safety and trust, and liberation and gender justice.

Race Circus Project

Organization: makeShift Circus Collective
Project Location: Atlanta , United States
The Race Circus Project, a public circus show aimed to create spaces for group dialogue about racism, segregation and current relationships among Atlanta's white, Black, Latino, and Asian residents.

Resisting Occupation, Learning from the Palestinian Experience, Nonviolence Strategies

Organization: Sahrawi Center for Media and Communication
Project Location: Laayoune , Western Sahara
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">Via Nonviolence International,a four-day training in Sahrawi territory on &ldquo;Resisting Occupation, Learning from the Palestinian Experience, Nonviolence Strategies.&rdquo;</font></font></font></p>

Revitalization Project and Restoration Mechanisms for Community Cooperation in Building Peace in the Highlands Means of Fizi in Democratic Republic of Congo

Organization: Femmel Rurales Amies de la Paix et Developpment (Friendly Rural Women of Peace and Development)
FERAPAD (Friendly Rural Women of Peace and Development) for cross-cultural seminars among people of the Babember, Bafuliru, Banyindu, and Banyamulenge Rwandaphone communities in the highlands of the Fizi region on the urgency of peaceful cohabitation.

Truth Speakers

Organization: Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Network
Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition facilitates the participation of torture survivors and mentorship with Yohannes Birhane, a survivor living in San Antonio, Texas, as part of the Truth Speakers program and the TASSC Annual Survivor Week

War Resisters' International

Organization: War Resisters International
Project Location: London , United Kingdom
War Resisters' International facilitates meetings to build the African Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Network, held in conjunction with WRI's July 2014 international conference in Cape Town, South Africa ("Small Actions, Big Movements: The Continuum of Nonviolence"). The meetings brought together social movement representatives from 33 African countries, enabling the Network to greatly expand its ranks, strengthen its structure, and plan new actions and trainings.

Western Shoshone Cradle-to-Grave Radioactive Waste Awareness Project

Organization: Corporation of Newe Sogobia
Project Location: Austin , United States
The Western Shoshone Cradle-to-Grave Radioactive Waste Awareness Project, protects Western Shoshone lands, environment, and culture by providing information from a Native perspective on the effect of the nuclear cycle on the health and well-being of all life, and promoting effective comment and action around issues of nuclear testing, weapons and waste on Western Shoshone Treaty land. The grant provided us with the opportunity to reach out across the country, to build a network, and to tell the story of how nuclear waste from nuclear reactors and military installations eventually impacts the culture and lifeways of our Native people, the group said.

Grant Year: 2013

Black Priorities Project

Organization: People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER)
<p>For the Black Priorities Project, to carry out listening sessions with low-income Black residents in the San Francisco area to identify key forces displacing Black families, and to develop a comprehensive policy agenda that will help Black residents stay in or return to San Francisco.</p>

Dispatches from Solitary

Organization: Solitary Watch
<p>Intern stipends to facilitate Dispatches from Solitary, which seeks to inform, support, and enrich the growing movement against solitary confinement while giving those directly affected a voice in the movement.</p>

Eastern Mediterranean Conscientious Objectors Network strategic gathering

Organization: Connection e.V.
Eastern Mediterranean Conscientious Objectors Network strategic gathering, bringing together activists from antimilitarist movements in Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Greece, Turkey and elsewhere to exchange experiences and strengthen collaborations.

Educate Minnesota residents about reducing government funding of military

Organization: Minnesota Arms Spending Alternative Project
<p>To educate Minnesota residents about the need to reduce government funding of the military industrial complex and redirect funds to serve the basic needs of people in local communities.</p>

Educate the public about the role of Cornell NYC Tech and its sponsors

Organization: New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership (NYACT)
<p>To educate the public about the role of Cornell NYC Tech and its sponsors&mdash;Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Cornell University and Google Inc.&mdash;in developing and deploying communication surveillance technologies used in drones by military and police forces around the world.</p>

Education about gender-based violence and human rights

Organization: Voice of Women Uganda
For a campaign to educate community leaders and families in the Ssenge, Kasengejje and Naluvule communities about gender-based violence and human rights, and to train women in these communities as change agents to reduce gender-based violence and seek justice.

Lhakar Academy - Tibetan School of Leadership and Change

Organization: Tibet Action Institute
<p>In April 2013, the Muste Institute&#39;s International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF) granted $4,000 to <a href="">Tibet Action Institute</a> for Lhakar Academy - Tibetan School of Leadership and Change, a three-week training program in nonviolent campaigns, strategies, leadership and skills.</p>

New, youth-led PSU chapter at E-Cubed Academy

Organization: Providence Student Union
To organize a new, youth-led PSU chapter at E-Cubed Academy, providing students with an opportunity to get involved in an accessible youth organizing after-school program, where they can organize for a greater voice in school-level decisions that impact them, and mobilize with other youth beyond their school around education and other social justice issues.

Popular Education Institute for Grassroots Peer Advisors

Organization: Center for Participatory Change
For the Popular Education Institute for Grassroots Peer Advisors, bringing together grassroots social justice groups in western North Carolina to build capacity and collective power and share skills and knowledge to achieve their goals.

Pressure TIAA-CREF to divest

Organization: We Divest Campaign
<p>To educate and mobilize a grassroots base to pressure financial services company TIAA-CREF to divest from companies that profit from Israel&#39;s occupation of Palestine.</p>

Rural Engagement Internship Project

Organization: Georgia Women's Action for New Directions
<p>For a Rural Engagement Internship Project promoting cleanup and environmental monitoring at the Savannah River Site nuclear weapons facility and challenging the expansion of the nuclear Plant Vogtl.</p>

Solidarity Uganda

Organization: Solidarity Uganda
Project Location: Amuru District , Uganda
<p class="style2"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">Trainings in Amuru District, Uganda, to equip residents with knowledge of nonviolence theories and the ability to utilize nonviolent tactics to protect land rights. </font></font></font></p>

The Cost of War: A Focus on Drones

Organization: Peace & Justice Center
<p>For The Cost of War: A Focus on Drones, a campaign to educate the public in Vermont about the consequences of the military use of unmanned aerial drones.</p>

War Resisters' International

Organization: War Resisters International
Project Location: London , United Kingdom
Latin American Nonviolence Training for Trainers in Quito, Ecuador, bringing together 30 nonviolence trainers from around the continent to strengthen skills in leading trainings for nonviolent action, and to build the base for a Latin American Nonviolence Trainers Network.

Grant Year: 2012

Bridging Common Voices Against the Death Penalty in Idaho

Organization: American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho Foundation
<p>A campaign to educate, organize and mobilize Idaho residents to challenge the use of the death penalty.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Bringing People Together for Education Justice

Organization: Education for Liberation Network
<p>For Education for Liberation Circles, bringing together people from across the country who are involved in education justice issues to determine how the work they are doing in their own communities can be more effectively connected.</p>

Building Nonviolent Activism in Korea

Organization: Korea Solidarity for Conscientious Objection (KSCO)
<p>A Training for Trainers, scheduled for October 2012, to build a local network of nonviolence trainers and increase popular awareness of nonviolent activism in Korea.</p>

Grassroots challenging of collaboration between federal immigration authorities and local law enforcement

Organization: Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition
<p>Challenging&nbsp;the collaboration between federal immigration authorities and local law enforcement through political education, leadership development, and building strategic alliances to expand the power of grassroots social action.</p>

Grassroots Organizing Against Federal Immigration Custody

Organization: Olneyville Neighborhood Association
<p>Grassroots organizing and education to build a statewide movement in Rhode Island to demand that local police stop holding and transferring immigrants to federal immigration custody.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Hibakusha Stories Project

Organization: Youth Arts New York
<p>For Hibakusha Stories, involving survivors of the 1945 atomic bombings in Japan in a series of interactive workshops, seminars and public conversations at New York City area high schools and universities about the dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear fuel.</p>

Nonviolence Training in Cairo

Organization: Refugees United for Peaceful Solutions (RUPS)
<p>&quot;The Practice of Active Nonviolence: Training for Trainers,&quot; a 10-week program in Cairo empowering 12 trainers with practical organizing skills to help their communities engage in nonviolent campaigns. The participants are refugees from Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia.</p>

Organizing Against Transportation of Plutonium Bomb Cores

Organization: Tri-Valley Communities Against a Radioactive Environment
Education and organizing in local communities to build public pressure against a National Nuclear Security Administration plan to transport plutonium bomb cores between facilities in Los Alamos, New Mexico and Livermore, California.

Outreach and education among military families

Organization: Military Families Speak Out, Metro Chapter
<p>For outreach and education among military families, deployed members of the military, veterans, peace activists and the general public, with the goal of uniting and strengthening efforts to end war and redirect resources to social needs.</p>

Promoting Stories from Prisoners Serving Life Sentences

Organization: Steering Committee for the Honor Program/The Other Death Penalty Project
<p>For the mailing and promotion of &ldquo;Too Cruel, Not Unusual Enough,&rdquo; an anthology of stories from prisoners serving life sentences without possibility of parole.</p>


Organization: Regeneration Association
Project Location: Bucharest , Romania
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">A nonviolent direct action (NVDA) training with the aim of improving the abilities and skills of 20 Re.Generation activists from Bucharest and Cluj Napoca to carry out nonviolent campaign actions for social justice and a safe environment.</font></font></font></p>

Stipends for community organizers of the “Under Tents” campaign

Organization: Fòs Refleksyon Ak Aksyon sou Koze Kay (Force for Reflection and Action for Housing, FRAKKA)
<p>For stipends for community organizers of the &ldquo;Under Tents&rdquo; campaign for housing rights in Haiti.</p>

Supporting community leaders of color in advancing human rights in the criminal justice system

Organization: Georgians For Alternatives to the Death Penalty
<p>For the Grassroots Initiative for Organizing and Transformation Project, supporting community leaders of color in developing local policy campaigns, educating the public, and building a membership base to advance fairness and respect for human rights in the criminal justice system.</p>

Supporting Student Interns Working For Nonviolent Activism

Organization: Peace Action Fund of New York State (PAFNYS)
<p>For stipends to support two student interns working to develop and promote nonviolent activism for peace and justice among New York students.</p>

Truth Tour

Organization: Lakota Solidarity Project
<p>For the Truth Tour, taking traditional grassroots Lakota elders and activists from the Pine Ridge Reservation to New York, Washington and other cities to present evidence and educate the public about the ongoing genocide of the Lakota people.</p>

Grant Year: 2011

Balkan Youth Peace Actions

Organization: Mladinski Inicijativi (Youth Initiatives)
<p>&ldquo;Balkan Youth Peace Actions&rdquo;, a five-day nonviolence training bringing together young activists from the region and giving them an opportunity to explore the ways and means of mutual regional peace activism.</p>

Indigenous/Pastoralist Communities Training

Organization: Frontier Indigenous Network
<p>An Indigenous/Pastoralist Communities Training, building capacities and skills among women and youth peacebuilders from warring communities to nonviolently engage their communities in resolving resource conflicts.</p>

Internship Program Mobilizing Public Support Against Federal Funding Of Nuclear Weapons

Organization: Los Alamos Study Group (LASG)
<p>For an internship program to mobilize public support for redirecting federal funding from nuclear weapons toward a sustainable future for New Mexico. By distributing well-researched informational materials and organizing community meetings and actions, LASG recently won a victory: the federal government postponed plans to build a plutonium manufacturing complex &mdash; a flagship nuclear warhead project &mdash; at Los Alamos.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Leadership Development Internship In "Re-Routing the Prison Pipeline" Campaign

Organization: Ex-prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement (EPOCA)
<p>For a leadership development internship, part of the &ldquo;Re-Routing the Prison Pipeline&rdquo; campaign. Last year EPOCA helped win a state law barring employers from asking job applicants about their criminal history. Now the group uses a &ldquo;Ban the Box Hotline&rdquo; and outreach posters to ensure that the law is respected.</p>

Mobilizing Wisconsin Residents To Press For Redirecting Military Spending Toward Social Needs

Organization: Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice
<p>For &ldquo;Bring the War $$ Home,&rdquo; educating and mobilizing Wisconsin residents to press for redirecting military spending toward social needs. WNPJ develops key resources for the campaign, supports communities in presenting local &ldquo;war $$ home&rdquo; resolutions, and shares a digital &ldquo;cost of war&rdquo; counter for high-profile public displays.</p>

Nonviolence Skills Training in Uganda

Organization: Center for Conflict Resolution (CECORE)
<p>A nonviolence skills training with active members and leaders of political parties and other stakeholders in Uganda&rsquo;s political process.</p>

Organizing And Mobilizing The Underemployed And Unemployed Within Louisiana

Organization: A Community Voice (ACV)
<p>To organize and mobilize the underemployed and unemployed within Louisiana through community labor partnerships. ACV has held leadership trainings, created a hiring hall matching unemployed people to employment options, held community meetings and actions that led to new jobs for local residents, and engaged with local churches to support union organizing campaigns.</p>

Promotion of Youth of Peace Into The Atsinanana Region Of Madagascar

Organization: Mouvement International pour la Réconciliation à Madagascar (FIEFA / MIR-MAD)
<p>For the &ldquo;Promotion of youth of peace into the Atsinanana Region of Madagascar&rdquo; training project, strengthening the capacity of young leaders and peace promoters of Toamasina, Brickville and East Fenerive in peacekeeping and conflict prevention.</p>

Teaching The History And Strategies Used By Martin Luther King

Organization: Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA)
<p>For a series of nonviolence trainings teaching the history and strategies used by Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement. COPA organized trainings throughout the region, helped create a &ldquo;Peace Warriors&rdquo; after-school program at a local high school, and hosted an Art &amp; Peace Activity Center for kids at the Annual Tucson Peace Fair.</p>

Training in Basic Active Nonviolence

Organization: Minyiri Development Group
<p>A four-day training in Basic Active Nonviolence in May 2011 with 30 local community leaders, with the goal of increasing their understanding of the value and effectiveness of nonviolence and encouraging them to initiate alternative dispute methods.</p>

Training With Women At the Sumud Story House

Organization: Arab Educational Institute
<p>A training with women at the Sumud Story House to help them prepare for an open air art installation (Wall Museum) challenging the Israeli Wall around Rachel&rsquo;s Tomb in the north of Bethlehem. Sumud means resilience in Arabic.</p>

Grant Year: 2010

Da Force—the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Task Force on Racial Disparities

Organization: Reflect & Strengthen
<p>Reflect and Strengthen was started in 2001 by eight young women who were survivors of violence, sexual abuse, incarcerated family, absent fathers, and loss of loved ones to preventable diseases. This grassroots collective now has a core membership of up to 36 working-class women ages 14-30 who take a holistic approach to organizing in order to create personal and social transformation. Our grant goes for Da Force&mdash;the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Task Force on Racial Disparities&mdash;a group of community members working since 2007 to eliminate unfair treatment of youth of color and to expand the use of alternatives to detention.</p>

Active Nonviolence Strategies with Tibetan refugees

Organization: Active Nonviolence Education Center
For a Training / Workshop / Open Forum Discussion on Active Nonviolence Strategies with Tibetan refugees.

Campaign supporting the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment and sanctions

Organization: Minnesota Break the Bonds: Divest for Justice in Palestine!
<p>Minnesota Break the Bonds is made up of Palestinians, Jews, Christians, Muslims, students, professionals, parents, community members and allies, working together to educate and mobilize Minnesota residents to press Israel to comply with international law and end its occupation of Palestine. This grant goes for a campaign supporting the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment and sanctions by building public pressure on the state of Minnesota to divest from Israel bonds.</p>

Center for Strategic Alternatives Political Action Training, helping Palestinian community members

Organization: Palestine Solidarity Project
<p>For the Center for Strategic Alternatives Political Action Training, helping Palestinian community members to develop autonomous strategies of nonviolent resistance to displacement and violence.</p>

Community Honor and Resistance Nonviolence Training

Organization: Whatcom Peace & Justice Center
For a "Community Honor and Resistance Nonviolence Training" on the Lummi Nation Indian Reservation, as part of efforts to create an active, inclusive, community voice for peace and social justice in Whatcom County.

Community Organizing and Awareness Project

Organization: Alternatives to Incarceration Council (ATIC)
<p>Formed in July 2008, ATIC addresses the reality that half of Florida&#39;s more than 100,000 incarcerated residents are jailed for nonviolent, victimless third degree felonies. Our grant goes for the Community Organizing and Awareness Project, building public support for reassessing nonviolent crimes, limiting mandatory sentencing and encouraging alternatives such as diversion programs.</p>

Disarmament Summer project

Organization: Think Outside the Bomb
<p>Think Outside the Bomb started in 2005 as a project of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Youth Empowerment program, and became an autonomous youth collective in 2009. This grant goes for the Disarmament Summer project: a cross-cultural alliance of youth working in partnership with indigenous communities in New Mexico to build a grassroots, consensus-based, nonviolent direct action movement. Their goals: stop the expansion of the nuclear weapons industry and achieve healthcare and environmental justice for communities directly affected by the nuclear industry.</p>

gender rights of orphans and widows affected by HIV/AIDS

Organization: Nansana Women Development Association (NWDA)
<p>Founded in 2004, Nansana Women Development Association (NWDA) is a community-based development organization that seeks to improve living conditions and alleviate human suffering in Wakiso district, which surrounds Uganda&rsquo;s capital, Kampala. This February 2010 grant, held over from the Social Justice Fund&rsquo;s December cycle, goes for a campaign seeking protection and support for the property and gender rights of orphans and widows affected by HIV/AIDS.</p>

Human Rights Promoter Project

Organization: Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition
<p>The Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition is a membership-based coalition of immigrants, allies and organizations promoting human rights, dignity and social and economic justice for immigrants. The Coalition formed in the spring of 2006 as immigrants were mobilizing across the U.S. in response to repressive national legislation. This grant goes for the Human Rights Promoter Project, training immigrant leaders to organize in defense of their rights under the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to educate others through the creation of human rights committees.</p>

Internship program of G.I. Coffeehouse

Organization: National G.I. Coffeehouse Support Network
<p>The National G.I. Coffeehouse Support Network works to build up existing G.I. coffeehouses as organizing hubs for active duty soldiers and recent veterans challenging militarism and injustice, and to support the formation of new coffeehouse initiatives. This grant goes for an internship program to support the core functioning and long-term sustainability of the network&rsquo;s existing coffeehouses: <a href="">Under the Hood Caf&eacute;</a>, near Fort Hood, Texas; <a href="">Coffee Strong</a>, near Fort Lewis, Washington; and <a href="">Norfolk OffBase</a>, located in Norfolk, Virginia near 14 major military installations.</p>

Mount Taylor Sacred Sites Prayer Run

Organization: Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE)
<p>MASE is a coalition of community-based organizations from communities adversely impacted by uranium mining. In a region that produced almost half of the uranium used by the U.S. from 1948 to 1988, many former mine workers are still sick, and communities are devastated by contaminated air, water and soil. This grant goes for the Mount Taylor Sacred Sites Prayer Run, an action to unite and reinvigorate people who have been working to stop new uranium mining in the region, and let the mining companies know that these communities will not allow uranium mining to resume.</p>

Non-violent resistance training with Combatants for Peace members

Organization: Combatants for Peace
<p>For a Training in Non-Violent Action &ndash; Learning the Comprehensive Meaning of Effective Non-violent Resistance, an educational and participatory workship to be held with Combatants for Peace members in Beit Jalla, East Jerusalem.</p>

Nonviolence Training Involving Croatian War Veterans

Organization: Miramida Centar – Regional Peacebuilding Exchange
<p>A nonviolence training involving Croatian war veterans in a campaign to create a nongovernmental voice in a truth and reconciliation process to help document and investigate war crimes.</p>

Sweatfree Community project

Organization: St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America
<p>This committee began in 1977 as the Greater St. Louis Latin America Solidarity Committee, focusing on disappearances and human rights cases in Chile and Argentina. As liberation struggles and US intervention intensified in Central America, ecumenical groups deepened their involvement, forming the St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America in 1981. This grant goes for the Sweatfree Community project, educating and mobilizing St. Louis area residents to press local municipalities to apply fair labor standards to their purchasing policies.</p>

Three-day active nonviolence training with Kwale Interfaith

Organization: Kwale Interfaith Youth Association
<p>For a three-day active nonviolence training with 25 leaders from this youth association.</p>

Voices of Experience Tour

Organization: Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty
<p>Since 1986, this network has been mobilizing grassroots community-based activists to educate and organize the Connecticut public in opposition to capital punishment. This grant goes for the &quot;Voices of Experience Tour,&quot; in which family members affected by violent crime speak out about their opposition to the death penalty in public events and through the media.</p>

Yo Soy Testigo (I am a Witness) Campaign

Organization: Coalición de Derechos Humanos
<p>Coalici&oacute;n de Derechos Humanos (Human Rights Coalition) is a grassroots organization founded in 1993 to oppose the militarization of communities along the southern U.S. border and promote respect for human rights. This grant goes for the Coalition&rsquo;s Yo Soy Testigo (I am a Witness) Campaign, a collaborative effort to encourage community participation in documenting and educating about law enforcement abuses, particularly local authorities&rsquo; collaboration with U.S. Border Patrol.</p>

Grant Year: 2009

“Getting it together in the Global Economy,” an event

Organization: - PICA – Peace Through InterAmerican Community Action
<p>PICA is a grassroots, member-based organization in Bangor, Maine which has been working for more than 20 years for human rights and a fair economy. This grant goes for &ldquo;Getting it together in the Global Economy,&rdquo; an event scheduled for April 2010 which will bring together labor, immigrant and community activists, people of color, educators and students to build broader alliances in Maine for worker and immigrant rights and fair trade. The event is part of &ldquo;kNOw US AND THEM,&rdquo; a program of education and grassroots organizing connecting immigrants, displaced workers, and their allies.</p>

Building capacity in nonviolence for social movements in Oaxaca

Organization: Grupo de Reflexión
<p>To build capacity in nonviolence for social movements in Oaxaca. An intensive training involved 50 participants from Catholic base communities, indigenous and campesino communities organizing for territorial and resource rights, organic farmers, unionized teachers and other social movements. A follow-up public discussion of nonviolent strategies was attended by 85 people, including students, professors, activists and leaders, in the city of Oaxaca.</p>

funds for the Other Death Penalty Project

Organization: - Steering Committee for the Honor Program / The Other Death Penalty Project
<p>Operating out of a state prison in Los Angeles County since 2000, the Honor Program gives imprisoned people an opportunity to work on specific self-improvement and rehabilitative goals and projects which benefit the community. Our grant goes for the Other Death Penalty Project: led and comprised solely of prisoners serving life without the possibility of parole, this project organizes prisoners to raise awareness about how life without parole sentences comprise an unjust &ldquo;other death penalty.&rdquo;</p>

grassroots nonviolence training for women group leaders of villages

Organization: Peace Makers Society Cameroon
<p>For a participatory grassroots nonviolence training for women group leaders of villages involved in inter-tribal conflicts.</p>

international conference investigating the links between local nonviolent livelihood struggles and global militarism, to be held in India in late January 2010

Organization: War Resisters International
Since 1921, War Resisters&rsquo; International (WRI) has been promoting nonviolent action against the causes of war, and supporting and connecting people around the world who refuse to take part in war or in preparations for war. Our grant goes for an international conference investigating the links between local nonviolent livelihood struggles and global militarism, to be held in India in late January 2010.

nonviolence training with Forthspring staff and community activists

Organization: Forthspring Inter Community Group
<p>For a nonviolence training with Forthspring staff and community activists, designed to develop skills within the group and local community to address the legacy of conflict.</p>

nonviolent action and encouraging leadership development among women in kolkata

Organization: Swadhina
<p>For a training promoting awareness about nonviolent action and encouraging leadership development among women to help them organize nonviolently for justice.</p>

pastoralist communities to use nonviolent strategies

Organization: Kenya Pastoralist Journalist Network
<p>For a training to build the capacity of pastoralist communities to use nonviolent strategies to confront and prevent violence and armed conflict in their areas.</p>

Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future, a national gathering

Organization: Nukewatch
<p>Founded in 1979, Nukewatch is an environmental and peace action group dedicated to the abolition of nuclear power and weapons. This grant goes for Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future, a national gathering scheduled for the July 4th weekend, 2010, with the goal of increasing awareness and action around nuclear issues through discussions, workshops, nonviolence training, celebration and direct action. The gathering will be hosted by the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, another past Muste Institute grantee.</p>

training for activists and community workers from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro

Organization: RAND – Regionalna Adresa za Nenasilno Djelovanje (Regional Address for Nonviolent Action)
<p>For a training for activists and community workers from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, to provide them with tools to strengthen nonviolent action and group conflict transformation throughout their communities and the region.</p>

training on nonviolence in seoul

Organization: Korea Solidarity for Conscientious Objection (KSCO)
<p>For a training on nonviolence and conscientious objection.</p>

Training with 20 young activists from Dora

Organization: Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow - New Discourse
<p>For a training with 20 young activists from the ethnically mixed Dora neighborhood, who are organizing themselves to change the current academic system because it creates and perpetuates economic inequalities between ethnic groups and limits educational options. The training came out of a longterm awareness process facilitated by Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow-New Discourse, in which community members learn about the root, structural causes of the social injustices they face and build campaigns for change.</p>

Grant Year: 2008

Asociación de Mujeres para la Integración de la Familia en Nicaragua

Organization: Asociación de Mujeres para la Integración de la Familia en Nicaragua
Project Location: Ciudad Sandino , Nicaragua
<p>For a meeting to inform women workers in assembly-for-export factories (maquiladoras) about their rights and support their efforts to organize for better conditions</p>

Be The Media

Organization: Be The Media
Project Location: Los Angeles , United States
<p>To provide inner-city at risk youth with creative tools to examine the media and tell their own stories, building on the success of the Arlington West Film and Speakers Program in getting young people to talk about alternatives to war.</p>

Blue Veins

Organization: Blue Veins
Project Location: Peshewar , Pakistan
<p>To inform women working in Peshawar area factories of their labor rights and maternity protections in the workplace.</p>

California Prison Moratorium Project

Organization: California Prison Moratorium Project
Project Location: Fresno , United States
<p>For a campaign to build public opposition to construction of a new juvenile jail in Fresno, California.</p>

Casa—Colectivos de Apoyo, Solidaridad y Acción

Organization: Casa—Colectivos de Apoyo, Solidaridad y Acción
Project Location: San Francisco , United States
<p>For an educational tour in the US in conjunction with the release of Teaching Rebellion: Stories from the Grassroots Mobilization in Oaxaca, a book of photos and testimonials of Oaxacan activism.</p>

Centro de Políticas Públicas por el Socialismo (CEPPAS)

Organization: Centro de Políticas Públicas por el Socialismo (CEPPAS)
Project Location: Buenos Aires , United States
<p>For collaboration with the Central Zone Council of the Neuqu&eacute;n Mapuche Confederation and the Indigenous Advisory Council of R&iacute;o Negro to nonviolently resist oil company activity in indigenous territory in western Argentina.</p>

Colombia Support Network

Organization: Colombia Support Network
Project Location: Madison , United States
<p>For workshops on autonomous community development and active nonviolence with the Ember&aacute; Cham&iacute; community in the Lower Putumayo region of Colombia.</p>

Community Media Organizing Project

Organization: Community Media Organizing Project
Project Location: Knoxville , United States
<p>For media trainings to help Greater Birmingham Ministries carry out the Constitutional Reform Initiative, an effort to build public opinion toward eliminating codified economic and racial inequalities in Alabama.</p>

Food and Medicine

Organization: Food and Medicine
Project Location: Brewer , United States
<p>To foster student activism around labor issues at the University of Maine Orono campus.</p>

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees

Organization: Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees
Project Location: Brooklyn , United States
<p>To distribute the Birthright Crisis video among Dominican and Haitian communities in New York City and beyond, with the goal of building opposition to racism and discrimination.</p>

Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty

Organization: Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (MADP)
Project Location: St. Louis , United States
<p>For the &ldquo;Road Trip for Justice&rdquo; project, organizing speaking events in five Missouri cities to raise awareness about and build public opposition to the death penalty.</p>

National Death Row Assistance Network

Organization: National Death Row Assistance Network
Project Location: Peaks Island , United States
<p>For distribution of legal resources and trainings for family members and allies of capital defendants.</p>

Nodutdol for Korean Community Development

Organization: Nodutdol for Korean Community Development
Project Location: Woodside , United States
<p>For a youth-led film project and screening program building awareness among Asian-American youth around issues of war and militarism.</p>

Northwest Workers’ Justice Project

Organization: Northwest Workers’ Justice Project
Project Location: Portland , United States
<p>To expand the Oregon Immigration &ldquo;Myth-Buster&rdquo; Conversations Project, a series of community discussions seeking to dispel fear and misconceptions around the issue of immigration.</p>

Picture the Homeless

Project Location: Bronx , United States
For the "Free the M35 Bus" campaign, fighting the unfair ticketing of homeless bus passengers by police.

Salina People for Peace

Organization: Salina People for Peace
Project Location: Salina , United States
<p>For outreach and educational efforts in connection with The Heartland Speaks, a three-day anti-militarism conference held in Salina in October.</p>

Snake River Alliance

Organization: Snake River Alliance
Project Location: Boise , United States
<p>To challenge new nuclear projects, advocate for responsible solutions to nuclear waste and contamination, and promote safe and sustainable energy alternatives.</p>

“Initiative for Nonviolence in Russia (including Chechnya)”

Organization: House for Peace and Nonviolence
<p>For the &ldquo;Initiative for Nonviolence in Russia (including Chechnya),&rdquo; a nonviolence training for young activists.</p>

Association of Human Rights and Torture Defenders

Organization: Association of Human Rights and Torture Defenders
Project Location: Buea , Cameroon
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">Association of Human Rights and Torture Defenders (AHURTOD) has a &ldquo;training for trainers&rdquo; workshop for 30 University of Buea student leaders.</font></font></font></p>

Educational efforts in connection with The Heartland Speaks

Organization: Salina People for Peace
<p>Salina People for Peace works to educate the public about peace and justice issues, provide a forum and support for people working on these issues, and promote peaceful resolutions to conflict. This grant went for outreach and educational efforts in connection with The Heartland Speaks, a three-day conference held in Salina in October.</p>

Family Mediation and Conciliation-FAMEC

Organization: Family Mediation and Conciliation-FAMEC
Project Location: Nairobi , Kenya
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">A nonviolence training for university student leaders in Nairobi.</font></font></font></p>

GI Rights and Resistance project

Organization: War Resisters League
Project Location: New York , United States
<p>War Resisters League has worked since 1923 to end war and defeat injustice. This grant goes for the GI Rights and Resistance project, providing military service members and veterans with information about their rights and distributing educational resources to help soldiers, veterans, their families and civilian supporters speak out about the realities of war.</p>

How Did They Do That?

Organization: Education for Liberation Network
Project Location: New York , United States
<p>For &quot;How Did They Do That?&quot;, a project encouraging social justice groups to share and replicate innovative social justice education projects.</p>

Love Thy Neighbor

Organization: Love Thy Neighbor
Project Location: Ramallah , Occupied Palestinian Territories
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">The Living Nonviolence Training and Summer Camp in Ramallah,West Bank, Palestine, teaching Palestinian children and teenagers the skills and principles of nonviolence, and training Palestinian young adults as nonviolence trainers.</font></font></font></p>

Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement Between People

Organization: Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement Between People
Project Location: Beit Sahour , Occupied Palestinian Territories
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans"><font size="3"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, GillSans">&nbsp;The Young Advocates Program, training young Palestinians in nonviolence, conflict resolution, advocacy, human rights, communication and other skills, in order to help them lead a successful nonviolent movement to end the Occupation.</font></font></font></p>

Stories of Life

Organization: Asociación de Ex Internos Penitenciarios de El Salvador
Project Location: San Salvador , El Salvador
<p>For the &ldquo;Stories of Life&rdquo; project, involving prisoners and former prisoners in circles of reflection where they can discuss their rights and duties and put forward proposals for a more humane and effective system.</p>

WESPAC Foundation

Organization: WESPAC Foundation
Project Location: Pleasantville , United States
To bring together Westchester youth into a strong, county-wide activist network for peace, justice, and a sustainable environment.

Grant Year:

Organization: Amani Communities Africa
<p>A training with 20 youth performing artists from the Kibera, Mukuru and Mathare informal settlements in Nairobi County, equipping them with knowledge about and skills in nonviolence and gender issues for the purpose of replicating the training throughout their communities using art as a medium.</p>

Organization: Community Initiative for Change (CIC) Trust
<p>For a gender and nonviolence training for community leaders within informal settlements in Nairobi for sustainable post-conflict peace building.</p>

Organization: Union of Minority Neighborhoods