Muste Notes

Winter 2007

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Oaxaca’s Grassroots Struggle
New Developments
Swann Fund
The INTF Makes New Grants
New Grants, September 2006

Fall 2006

Dear Friends
New Sponsoree: International Solidarity Movement
In Loving Memory: Norma Becker, 1930 - 2006
New Grants, June 2006
Counter Recruitment Fund Grants

Summer 2006

Dear Friends
Counter-Recruitment Fund Launched
An Update on Projects Funded by the Muste Institute
Grantee Profile: Stopping the Bomb
Help Us Fix Our Building
New Grants, April 2006

Spring 2006

Dear Friends
Demanding Justice, Disarming War
Decoding the A.J. Muste Files
NOVA: With New Name, Fund Grows
New Grants, December 2005

Winter 2006

Dear Friends
A.J. and the 1965 Draft Card Burning
Grantee Profile: Project YANO
New Grants, September 2005

Fall 2005

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Jenin Students Get Nonviolence Training
Update on Projects Funded by Muste Institute
Sheilah’s Fund East in 2005
New Grants, June 2005

Summer 2005

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Iraq Veterans Against the War
Elmer Maas, 1935-2005
New Developments
New Grants, April 2005

Spring 2005

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Convention Builds Anti-Death Penalty Movement
New Martin Luther King Pamphlet in Spanish
Massacre in Colombia
New Grants, December 2004

Winter 2005

Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Solidarity in Action-the Student Farmworker Alliance
Muste Institute Board Transitions
New Pamphlet Prices
New Grants, September 2004

Fall 2004

Dear Friends
A.J. Goes to South Vietnam
Grantee Profile: Stop the Merchants of Death!
New Grants, June 2004
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