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Fiscal Sponsorship

Through fiscal sponsorships, the Muste Institute enables organizations to receive tax-deductible contributions for educational work related to social justice education and activism. Sponsored projects generally do not have their own tax-exempt charitable status in the US and might not have the time, energy or financial ability to pursue tax-exempt status on their own (which typically requires an attorney). They may decide the status does not provide a significant advantage in their work. Accepting tax exempt donations through a fiscal sponsor is cost effective and allows organizations to begin working toward their goals with staff focused fully on the mission and programmatic work.

We offer a free dedicated donate page for each fiscally sponsored organization on our website.

Administrative Fees

The Muste Institute takes a 7% administrative fee on the net amount of all donations after any 3rd party fees are deducted (like credit card processing and returned check fees). These 3rd party fees are deducted from the gross donation and the net amount, minus 7%, is passed on to the sponsee in the form of a grant. Our fee covers all in-house administrative costs of processing your fiscal sponsorship.

Criteria for Fiscal Sponsorship Eligibility

  • Alignment with our Mission and Theory of Change.
  • Programs focused on systematic social change rather than individual development or transformation.
  • Demonstrated history of effectiveness or a well thought out plan for future effective work.
  • Responsible and representative leadership structure and decision making process.
  • Engaged in activities which are legal and do not violate IRS rules for 501(c)3 organizations.
  • You must have a bank account in your group's name. We can not make payments to individuals.

Use the form below to begin our fiscal sponsorship application process:

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