How We Do It

Four programs comprise the bulk of the Muste Foundation's support to grassroots activist organizations engaged in nonviolent action for social justice:


Our Social Justice Fund (SJF)

The Foundation's primary grantmaking program funds grassroots activist projects in the US and around the world, prioritizing  those with small budgets and little access to mainstream funding .  A rotating council of current and past board members, with volunteers from our SJF grantee community, screens applications. They bring a wide range of organizing experience and diverse political perspectives to the process.

This section should really be called how you do it: It is your contribution to the Muste Foundation that provides funding to organizations meeting a sudden need that exceeds their capacity ; it is your donation that offers shelter and resources to those newly-endangered by their identity or activism; it is your gift that allows our staff to work with groups and activists seeking collaboration. Every resource we provide is the sum of our community's generosity. Please give, or give again

Fiscal Sponsorships

By serving as a fiscal sponsor, the Foundation helps organizations receive tax-deductible contributions for the educational component of their work. This is particularly helpful to organizations that don't have the time, staff or financial resources to pursue and maintain tax-exempt status.

Collaborative Workspace

The Foundation provides safe and affordable workspace in our national offices for activist users and visitors. The communal space is available for meetings, training, events, joint organizing projects and, of course, sharing ideas.


In addition to our quarterly newsletter, Muste Notes, the Foundation publishes a pamphlet series of historical and contemporary essays on issues of social change. Topics include nonviolent resistance and national defense, liberation struggles, racism, sexism, and labor organizing. These pamphlets are distributed to activist groups, schools and colleges, and individuals.