Social Justice Fund Application

Click here to download the current application form as a Word doc.
Below is a sample application which shows the information you will need to provide.

Submission Instructions: This is a sample. Download and fill in the current form through the link above. Submit your completed application via email to [email protected] Use the subject header: SJF APP [deadline-month/year] [your organization’s name]. You can attach the application and supporting material, such as financial spread sheets, to the email in document or PDF form. If your proposal is selected for consideration, you should expect a call or email from one of our grant researchers with any questions they might have. Final decisions can be expected about 10 weeks after the deadline date.


Brief description of project or program as you would like it to appear publicly if grant is awarded (under 100 words):

Amount requested: $___________________ (maximum grant is $5,000)

Total anticipated expenses for this project/program:

Your organization’s total income in 2018:

Project/program start date: _____/ ______/ _______

Project/program end date: _____/ ______/ _______

ORGANIZATION NAME (if different from Project/Program):

Summary of organizational mission (under 100 words):

Address including city/state/zip code or postal code and country if outside US:




Contact person’s name, title, and contact information, including email, phone, Skype, other. Please note preferred contact method:

[  ] Check here if you will be using a fiscal sponsor to accept this grant. If checked, please provide:
Name of sponsoring organization:
Tax-exemption number:
Physical address, including city/state/zip code:


(1-2 pages maximum)

  1. What are the project/program’s objectives and its expected impact?
  2. Who is the project/program designed to reach? Does it involve community and/or organizational partners?
  3. Why is the project/program important today?
  4. What are the specific strategies for carrying out the project/program? Include timeline if relevant.
  5. How will the project/program’s impact be measured and evaluated? Will there be follow-up organizing?


(1 pages maximum)

  1. Founding date and brief history of the organization.
  2. Which do you see as the most effective elements of your work?
  3. Describe the organization in terms of diversity and representation.
  4. Please provide a few sentences each about the organization’s key personnel.


Provide name, affiliation and contact information for two references – people who are not members of your group but are familiar with your work.


Please provide, in document or spreadsheet format:

  1. Project/program budget, showing categories of anticipated income and expenses, along with a list of other projected funding sources (confirmed or pending.)
  2. Annual organization budget, showing anticipated income and expenses for the current or upcoming fiscal year, with a list of projected funding sources (confirmed or pending.)
  3. Income and expenses from most recent complete year available, (does not have to be audited,) showing income received and expenses incurred, including any foundation grants or institutional support received.

[  ] Check here if you are outside the U.S. or require a bank wire transfer. If checked, please provide:

  • Bank Name:
  • Bank Address:
  • Account Name:
  • Account Number:
  • IBAN (if applies):

Prior Muste Institute grants, if any (specify amount, month/year and project name):