Social Justice Fund Grants from our April 2021 Cycle

Former Student Organizer Engagement Project

Organization: Peace Action Fund of New York State (PAFNYS)
It is the tenth anniversary of PAFNYS’ Student Organizer Program, which began in 2011 with one campus chapter and now has 21 active chapters across the state. The Former Student Organizer Engagement Project will connect with alumni of the program in order to re-engage the participants in activism, to share their experiences with the current student organizers and community activists, and to provide pathways for the alumni to take on leadership and key roles in the peace and social justice movement.

Professional Athletes, Coalition Building & Criminal Justice Reform

Organization: Athletes & Advocates for Social Justice in Sports
The proposed fellowship project will include (a) a scan of criminal justice and police reform strategies that professional athletes and athlete coalitions have engaged in, (b) the development, refinement, and pursuit of coalition-building strategies for athletes and athlete coalitions, and (c) the development and implementation of tools to evaluate the effectiveness of coalition building and outcome achievement in criminal justice and policing reform efforts.

Seeding Young Peacemakers

Organization: United for Peace & Justice (UFPJ)
We will put out a call to all member groups for possible participants, and select 3 possible participants per site, and conduct educational and organizing sessions online to support each group's plan to hold events based on issues that are pressing where they are.This leadership development process will centralize community building, anti-oppression, and conflict resolution, connecting peace issues to the local issues that affect their communities every day. UFPJ’s project will produce young leaders excited about the future, who see activism and organizing as a vehicle to build power.

Shut Down ICE

Organization: The FANG Collective
The Shut Down ICE campaign arose in 2018 out of the need to take action against the growing presence of ICE in our communities. We have since targeted the institutions and ICE agreements that allow for the separation of families and terrorization of undocumented people at large. This grant will assist us in the utilization of direct action, public demonstration, and media campaigning to pressure counties in Massachusetts to end their IGSA and 287(g) agreements with ICE.

Truth in Recruitment, Military, and the Draft Interview Project

Organization: Santa Barbara Friends Meeting/Truth in Recruitment
The Truth in Recruitment, Military, and the Draft Interview Project will train youth in videography and interviewing techniques with the mentorship of professional filmmakers. Students will interview military veterans and conscientious objectors about their experiences, as well as prompting their peers for their opinions on mandatory draft registration, raising awareness on this issue. This project will give students new skills for social change advocacy by engaging them in intergenerational social justice work, while they also learn the basics of videography and oral history.