Social Justice Fund Grants from our January 2022 and August 2021 Cycles

Injured Workers vs Multinational

Organization: Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)

Injured Workers vs Multinational is the podcast chronicle of a group of South American autoworkers who decided to take on General Motors when they were fired after developing disabling injuries at work. Told as part radio play and part social justice suspense thriller, this non-fiction narrative weaves heartwarming moments, humorous travails, and creative nonviolent resistance into the high stakes reality of being an organizer in Colombia-- death threats and all. Will their scrappy determination and grassroots support from international allies be enough? Tune in to find out!

Youth Organizing for Social Justice

Organization: Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan

These funds will support youth-led campaigns on issues ranging from Covid response safety and equity to the school to prison pipeline. By the 2023 school year, we hope to abolish the Detroit school's archaic, racist, and sexist uniform policy which distracts from learning time and pushes students into the prison system. Student direct actions may also include climate change marches, advocacy for mental health support systems in our schools, and other issues directly impacting Michigan youth.

Creating Bridges for a Nuclear Free, Carbon Free Future

Organization: Citizens Awareness Network

The nuclear industry & federal government‘s failure to create a solution for disposal of high-level nuclear waste is an environmental crisis amassing at reactor sites. Reactor communities are forced to host this toxic waste creating a public relations nightmare for the industry selling itself as a climate change solution. It’s pushing “interim” storage sites targeting working poor Latino & Native communities.To counteract this, we need to continue to grow a grassroots campaign in New England to oppose interim storage & use our nation’s resources for a just transition to clean energy.

Dairy Worker Organizing

Organization: Workers Center of Central New York

In 2019, WCCNY was part of a movement that won 2 historic victories in NYS: the lawsuit by Dairy Worker Crispin Hernandez against NYS that struck down the decades-long racist practice of excluding farmworkers from the right to organize and the passing of the Farm Laborer Fair Labor Practices Act. FLFLPA went into effect in January 2020, and WCCNY was poised to begin a dairy worker unionization campaign. Then came the pandemic and everything shifted. We are now rebuilding our dairy worker committee and outreach program to educate farmworkers and use FLFLPA to promote unionization.

Imagining A Future Beyond Oppression Workshop Series

Organization: 540WMain, Inc.

It is our aim to create a series of in person classes that are expertly curated around direct action, advocacy, and envisioning what a future free of oppression and supremacy looks like. Through this series, we will partner with grassroots groups and organizations that are engaged in direct action activism and teaching community tangible steps that we can take right now to envision a safer and more just community. Through this series of workshops, we will move our participants from theory and foundational education to direct action.

Missouri Workers Center - Digital Organizing

Organization: Missouri Workers Center

Growing from nearly a decade of low-wage worker organizing in Kansas City, the Missouri Workers Center will build off this foundation. Aiming to bring together workers from fast food, retail, warehouse, and e-commerce industries, the workers center will utilize online resources and tools to connect with and organize workers across the state of Missouri. Through digital organizing, leaders will be able to reach out to workers in rural areas, bringing them into the base, and supporting their fight for better wages, healthcare and insurance benefits, and job security.