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A.J. Muste Memorial Institute Social Justice Fund
What to Expect if You are Invited to Submit a Full Proposal
(updated August 2009)

NOTE: Please do NOT submit a full proposal unless invited to do so by the Muste Institute.

A full proposal (by invitation only) to the Muste Institute's Social Justice Fund should include:

1: Narrative:

  • at the top of the page: organization name, project name, contact name, contact info, project timeline and amount requested (these should match the information provided in your preliminary application)
  • narrative description of the project, including background, relevance, key objectives, strategies for carrying out the project, etc. (two pages or less);
  • narrative description of the organization, including year founded, brief history, decision-making structure and key objectives (two pages or less);
  • brief relevant biographies (1-3 sentences each) of project coordinator(s); organizational leadership; and advisors to the project, if any (one page or less)
  • three references — people who are not members of your group or directly involved in the project but who are familiar with your work (list each person's name, affiliation and contact info).

2: Financial information:

  • detailed project budget, showing categories of anticipated income and expenses for the project, with a list of other projected funding sources (confirmed or pending).
  • annual organizational budget, showing anticipated income and expenses for the current or upcoming fiscal year, with a list of projected funding sources (confirmed or pending).
  • list of actual income & expenses from the most recent complete year available (does not have to be audited), showing income received and expenses incurred (grouped by category), and listing any foundation grants or other institutional support received.

3: Additional information:

  • fiscal sponsor details (only if you will use a fiscal sponsor to receive our grant): sponsoring organization's name and full contact information; brochure, annual report or description of the sponsoring organization; and tax-exemption letter (if any — 501(c)3 status is not required).
  • relevant additional supporting material, including newsletters, press clippings, etc. (optional)